It’s not your iPhone, it’s Twitter that’s down

For a few minutes the social network Twitter has stopped working completely unexpectedly, so if you have gone to enter it and you have not been able to, do not worry, it is not your fault, nothing is wrong with your iPhone either, is that the service has fallen globally throughout the world.

Twitter goes down, it’s not your iPhone

If there is a global social network, without a doubt, that is Twitter, and the truth is that it is one of the most reliable compared to the rest of the “competition”. Usually I always know that services like WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook are down, users always tend to go to Twitter to confirm that, indeed, the problem is not just them, but that it is an error on the meta platforms themselves. And it is that, as we say, it is usually Meta that from time to time has problems with its applications. In this case it has not been like that, and It has been Elon Musk’s own companyrecent buyer of Twitter, which has fallen globally.

It is very important to know, since surely many users initially thought that the problem was themselveseither with your device or with the Internet connection itself, and no, in this case the problem is not with the users, it is with the company itself, and the truth is that it is not known until when the service will be inactive.

Can anything be done to fix it?

The truth is that no, in the end it is, as we have told you, a fall of the Twitter service itselfso even if you restart your iPhone, connect it to a network with a higher connection speed or even change the device to connect to Twitter, the problem will persist and will continue to be valid until the Twitter technicians themselves those who solve this problem.

using twitter

Therefore, if what you want is to know the news or simply take a look at what other users are doing, in this case you will have to resort to other social networks such as Instagram or FaceBook itself. However, to know the most outstanding news there are also other apps, among which are those of the newspapers or newspapers that offer such information on Twitter itself.