Ivory, the new Tapbots app for use with Mastodon is now available for iPhone and iPadone more step to be able to start using this social network as a real alternative to Twitter.

After what happened in recent weeks with Twitter, which has reached its culmination (for now) with the withdrawal of access to third-party applications, Taobots announced that it was leaving Tweetbot, the best application for iOS and Twitter, and announced that it was accelerating development from Ivory to launch it as soon as possible. The moment has arrived, earlier than expected and with fewer features than expectedbut we already have the first version and we can say that it has not disappointed.

The aesthetics of the app will feel very familiar to everyone who has used Tweetbot, which is a good thing. There are some small differences, like the button to publish, or many of the icons within the app. Functions such as synchronization between devices could not be missing, large images or customizable themes, including an all-black dark mode perfect for OLED screens. We have the possibility to customize where we want to save articles to read later, including Pocket, and of course we can customize the buttons on the bottom bar to place the functions that we use the most.

Ivory for Mastodon

To describe all the features that Ivory includes, I would have to write an article like Viticci’s (which I recommend you read if you have a few minutes at this link). Well, best of all, the application has been launched with far fewer functions than its developers had prepared, so it can be said that the best is yet to come. At the moment it is only available for iPhone and iPad, we hope that the Mac version will not be long in coming. You can download it at the following link for free, it includes a demo version but you will have to pay a subscription to be able to use it: €1.99 per month or €17.99 per year.

Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots (AppStore Link)