Jabra reduces its headphones by up to 45% for Prime Day

If you are looking for good Truw Wireless headphones, these offers that Jabra has made across its entire range interest you because They have reduced the price by up to 45% on the occasion of Amazon Prime Day.

Excellent sound quality, adaptive active noise cancellation, wireless charging, resistance to dust and sweat, customizable controls, automatic connection… Jabra offers us a wide catalog of True Wireless headphones with very good features at a very good price, with models that adapt to what you are looking for and what you want to spend. Taking advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day, they have launched some offers that will allow you to get excellent headphones at a surprising price.

We start with the Jabra Elite 10 reduced to €199a real gem of True Wireless with its advanced active noise cancellation, twice as powerful as Jabra’s standard cancellation, with transparency mode to be able to hear what is happening around you and the multipoint connection that allows you to be connected to two devices simultaneously, to watch a movie on your iPad and if they call you on your iPhone you can take the call directly. Its autonomy of 8 hours per charge and a total of 36 hours with the wireless charging case. They also offer resistance to dust and water.

Jabra has lowered its Jabra Elite 7 Pro up to €119, 40% to offer us headphones that never get old with fantastic features for just over €100. Adaptive noise cancellation, transparency mode, four microphones to capture our voice perfectly during calls or video conferences, integration with Alexa, Amazon’s assistant and multipoint connection, with an autonomy of 8 hours per charge and 30 hours in total thanks to the wireless charging case.

If what you want are high-end headphones but more designed for physical exercise, the Jabra Elite 7 Active are reduced to €9945%, with very similar features to the Elite 7 Pro but with resistance to dust, water and sweatand with a design that is designed so that they stay in your ears and do not move even with the most demanding physical activities.

The Jabra Elite 5 with a price of €89 they have a balance between performance and amazing price: Active noise cancellation, transparency mode, multipoint connection, 6 microphones, wireless charging case and autonomy of 7 hours on a single charge, 28 hours using the case.

The Jabra Elite 3 Active for €49 They are perfect for those who want to spend very little but enjoy very good sports headphones. They do without some features such as the wireless charging case, but maintain Active Noise Cancellation, multipoint connection, and also have resistance to dust, water and sweat, perfect for the gym for very little money.