Throughout the year 2022, rumors about new Mac models have been very frequent, so much so that they were expected for that same year. However, it was not. There wasn’t even a Mac specific event and rumors indicated that the company was likely to launch the new models through a simple press release. Half of this same rumor, returns to permeate in a deep way right now. Jon Prosser says that tomorrow, January 17, Apple will present a new product through a press release.

Jon Prosser has been very little specific in his announcement through social networks, about what product the American company could present tomorrow. He has only commented that it is expected to be announced, through a press release that something new will be announced, without more. An announcement that leaves many unknowns and doors open to speculation. Because, if we analyze a bit, we can deduce that it is difficult for Apple to launch a new iPhone model, since there is no precedent for it. However, Yes, Mac models have been presented in this way before.

We are waiting like rain in May, from the middle of the year 2022, announcements that tell us that the new Mac models arrive on the market. That desired model of 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro as well as a new Mac mini model. There would be no design changes, except for the larger screen and in the case of the mini, not even that. But if they would have new chips. The M2 and M2 Pro are waiting for them to hit the market.

it’s all a matter of waiting, not too much. Tomorrow, January 17, we will check if the rumors are true or if we should point out a new failure in Jon Prosser’s roster. We assume that in Spain we will leave doubts in the middle of the afternoon.