Just like the MacBook that we all wanted to see is no longer so far away

Apple MacBooks are some of the most iconic laptops ever made. And although they have changed over time, other competing brands are carrying out iterations so that these devices no longer have the same “old-fashioned” conventional shape. Along with the immeasurable evolution of the iPad concept, MacBooks remain conservative. But this may be about to change, thanks to a patent that has been registered.

The touch screen, more positioning options or the modular factor are elements that are already present in other devices. Not only from the competition, but also within Apple itself. But in the same way that they tend to maintain a design for a long time, and then change it radically, this Mac patent looks like, once materialized, they will once again reinvent what we all have conceived as a “laptop.”

A Mac that can be a computer and… A record player?

What does a computer have to do with a record player? Well, you should know that whoever writes these lines has been as surprised as you. And the answer is that, thanks to this patent, they can be the same device. However, before seeing what this is like, first let’s see what this patent brings us.

The name of the document, registered on October 5, is “Modularized computing and input devices.” The patent summary begins by explaining that “a computing device may be reconfigurable, to include one or more electrical devices, to have different configurations.”

We start, then, by having a modular device, to which other devices can be added to interact with. The explanation continues that “the computing device may have a base that forms an input surface, configured to receive input from the user.” Furthermore, they add that this same base “can have one or more input devices, such as screens or keyboards.”

In this scenario we already have a versatile base that can connect with different peripherals at the same time. But as far as joining different parts is concerned, “the base may include a movable hinge which in turn may retain energy.” They also explain that the “portions” into which this computer is divided can also retain energy with which to interact with other peripherals.

Let’s go see what’s with the record player

Throughout the document you can see different images that show what the concept of operation and modular construction of this future MacBook would be like. You can see sketches in which the keyboard is separated from the main casing, and we have a two-screen computer, with a separate keyboard.

patent apple mac turntable

You can also see designs with a keyboard with a changed position, and the different layers in which this computer could be built. But, without a doubt, what is surprising (although the twist of the unexpected) is the example shown in Figure 13 of the document, in which a record player is seen on top of the lower surface of this modular computer, in the which is later explained to be “an interaction of the device with another input device.”