Kaleidoscope New Update Adds A Safari Extension For Developers

With its newest release, Kaleidoscope, file comparison, and merging software, receives two additional extensions. The app can thus be incorporated into Safari via an extension that opens Kaleidoscope and compares the HTML code of the current page with another source. You may also choose a section of a website, execute a secondary click, and then submit the appropriate HTML or CSS code for comparison using the two new commands. 

Kaleidoscope Can Be Purchased In The Apple Store

Finally, Kaleidoscope interfaces with the JavaScript console integrated within Safari’s web inspector. As a result, web developers will be able to utilize it to compare information accessible in JavaScript, such as two separate arrays. After installing the current version, all of these integrations require activating a Safari extension.

This time, the other integration is with Microsoft’s cross-platform code editor, Visual Studio Code. Again, you’ll need to install an extension, which will add a button to the GUI as well as a command to the palette. It works on any open file in the editor, as well as the built-in version compared in VSCode. The more extensive interface of Kaleidoscope may then be used to compare and combine files, including any modifications not yet committed to Git projects. It’s been a few months since Kaleidoscope’s development, which had been half-abandoned for a long time, resumed. Following the introduction of major version 3.0 in the autumn, the designers have increased the frequency of updates, introducing new features regularly.

Version 3.2, published at the end of January, included features such as the ability to add the software to the macOS sharing menu, providing still another option for file comparison.

In exchange, the app’s price has risen to €149.99 on the Mac App Store. You can also purchase it directly from the publisher’s website, but there will be no financial benefit. Before you buy, you may try out a trial version. Kaleidoscope is only available in English, and the app requires macOS 10.12 at least.