Know all the secrets of the Casa app

Since its launch in 2016, the home application has been one of the applications that has quietly evolved over the years, becoming a key element in many smart places. However, the application presents functions and tricks that many users do not know. Therefore, in this post, Let’s see how to get the most out of your smart home or studio.

Amazing Features of the Home App

Next, we are going to highlight some incredible functions of the home application, which will allow you to get much more out of an application than if you have a smart home, it is incredible how well it works.

  • Advanced automations: Advanced automations add quality to your Home app and the way you communicate with it, for example, creating specific automations on certain days of the week or at certain times, such as turning on the stove in your studio 10 minutes before you arrive from your job to have the room at your correct temperature. Along with this, the Home app allows you to set shortcuts to specific devices and scenes on your phone’s home screen. To add a shortcut, long press the Home app icon on your home screen and select “Add Shortcut” or “Add Widget”.

  • Integration with third-party applications: The Home app is a native Apple app, but it syncs seamlessly with third-party apps and devices like Spotify or Google Calendar, allowing you to create your own ecosystem in your own home, regardless of whether you have a majority of Apple products or not. To set up integrations, go to the “Services” tab in the app and select “Add New Service”.


  • Custom notifications: The Home app allows you to set custom notifications to receive alerts about specific events in your smart home. For example, you can receive a notification when someone unlocks your front door. To set up custom notifications, go to each device’s settings and select “Notifications.”
  • Share Smart Home Control:: The Home app allows you to share control of your smart home with other members of your family or roommates, giving you full or partial access functions to the devices in the house. To activate this function, you have to go to the “Users” tab and select “Invite user”. Then, enter the email address of the person you want to invite and select the level of access you want to grant.


  • Energy Consumption Monitoring: The Home app allows you to obtain information on the consumption of the applications that you have installed in it in order to control and reduce the consumption of your house, which is beneficial for your economy and for the environment. To find out about such monitoring, you have to go to the “Devices” tab and set up alerts for when certain consumption thresholds are exceeded.

In conclusion, the home app is a very easy-to-use tool with very little learning curve that allows you to fully manage all the accessories in your home. In addition, you can take advantage of certain personalized and automated functions to improve your experience and, above all, the efficiency of your studio’s intelligent resources.