Know How M2 Pro Is Different From M2 Max; All Updates

Apple has launched 2 models recently which are M2 Pro and the starting price is $2,499. On the other hand, the starting price of M2 Max is $3,099. The basic model for Pro includes a memory of 16 GB along with storage of a massive 512 TB. There is 32 GB in M2 Max. Moreover, M2 Pro comes with 32 GB which costs $2,899 while M2 Max is offered at a $200 premium with identical specs. This difference is consistent despite modifications in their specs. 

Features In M2 Pro And M2 Max 

The Max M2 model has a core of 38 GPU that comes with a premium of $200. This is simply the CPU which is compatible with a RAM of 96 GB. In addition, M2 Max has a battery life of 14 hours on non-stop usage. Pro has an extended battery life of 17 hours. M2 Pro had additional 20% juice to charge in comparison to M2 Max. Therefore, for more workload, M2 Pro is a better option keeping the price in mind. 

The M2 models offer a 16-inch display with cores of 12 CPUs. The MacBook Pro with 14-inch display is best suited with the Pro which has a core of 10 CPU. However, the 16-inch display provides cores of 12 CPUs regardless of Max or Pro. 

Attractive M2 Model Features 

M2 Max can be considered as the M2 Pro that comes with added graphic chops. M2 Max users will have choices between 30 and 38 cores while Pro models offer cores of 19 GPU. 

M2 Max contains 2 video engine encodes along with 2 ProRes engines but pro has 1 each only. In addition, M2 Max works slightly faster than M2 Pro but these are minute differences only.