Apple won’t release a second-generation AirPods Max until at least the second half of next year., and could possibly wait until the first half of 2025 to revamp the headset. These have been the overwhelming estimates of one of Apple’s most popular analysts: Ming-Chi Kuo.

In his latest thread of tweets detailing the latest expectations from the Cupertinos, Kuo said he believes Apple’s “next big music-focused product update moment” it will be between the second half of 2024 and the first half of 2025In other words, we are still going to have to wait a bit for the much-rumored update to the AirPods Max. Ming-Chi Kuo lists not only these, but as many as three products that need to be updated in this window of time, which would include a second generation of HomePod mini, AirPods Max 2 and a “low cost” version of AirPods from Apple as we have already commented on the blog on other occasions.

As for what we might expect from the AriPods Max 2, Kuo hasn’t offered any additional details about Apple’s premium over-ear noise-canceling headphones, though features that would make sense to revamp for the next generation would include the USB-C port instead of Lightning, a noticeable improvement in noise cancellation as version two of the AirPods Pro has already suffered, one a higher battery time, new colors (hoping they are not the ones that have leaked), a U1 chip for Precision Finding in the Find My app, and maybe loss-less sound. Recall that the AirPods Max were first released in December 2020.

In a previous prediction, Kuo said that Apple is aiming for a price of 99 dollars / euros for the AirPods “low cost” that would release in this time window. Currently, the $159 second-generation AirPods are Apple’s cheapest option, while the third-generation AirPods are priced at $209 with a Lightning charging case and $219 with a MagSafe case. Analyst Jeff Pu has also predicted the arrival of lower-priced AirPods next year. When the river sounds… it’s that curves come in the form of new AirPods. Although not soon.