Last day to get these headphones at 50% off

AirPods are one of the best-selling wireless headphones in the world and one of Apple’s great successes in recent years. However, sometimes all of us Apple fans get carried away with the products of the bitten apple without taking into account the competition, a competition that also has some incredible products in its catalog and that today, thanks to Prime Day, we are going to highlight below. Do you want to know which one it is? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Second generation Echo Bugs

Amazon is one of the online platforms that cares most about its users, offering incredible products with great discounts at certain times of the year. Today, we highlight Prime Day, days in which this technological giant is able to launch products with a 50% discount, making it a practically perfect purchase for any user who is looking for this product.

Specifically, today we are going to highlight the Second generation Echo Bugs, the headphones from the Korean firm, headphones that have a completely different design than the ones we have in the Apple AirPods and, surely, many users will prefer this type of headphones with a more restrained design than the Apple headphones with their stick that It stands out and, despite its reduction, is a little ugly at times. Let’s know their prices below.

  • Echo Buds (2nd generation) / wireless charging case. Black color: 70.99 euros. 49% discount
  • Echo Buds (2nd generation) / wireless charging case. White color: 70.99 euros.49% discount
  • Echo Buds (2nd generation) / wired charging case. Black color: 43% discount: 68.99 euros.
  • Echo Buds (2nd generation) / wired charging case. White color: 43% discount: 68.99 euros.

What are the main features of these headphones?

We will see below the main characteristics, the Second generation Echo Bugsso that, if you are not convinced by the price (which I doubt), you will be convinced by its incredible specifications.

First of all, we have to highlight the active noise cancellation, where these wireless headphones offer crystal-clear sound with three built-in microphones. The design, as we have said, is completely different from the AirPods, that is, in-earwhich favors said noise cancellation.

Second, the Echo Buds 2 are small, lightweight and come with custom fits that allow you to have the sound that best suits you and the type of music you listen to. In addition, the headphones have very good synchronization with Alexa and allow you to play music, podcasts and listen to audiobooks through Audible, the world’s leading audiobook company. Its synchronization is perfect thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Continuing with its features, the Echo Bugs 2 have a battery of up to five hours of playback and up to 15 hours in total if we use the charging case. In this sense, it is true that it falls below the AirPods Pro and the AirPods 3.

Finally, we have to highlight its privacy, perhaps the attraction that catches my attention the most, which works with several layers of protection and privacy controls, including the option to mute the microphones through the Alexa app. Plus, you can view, listen to, and delete voice recordings at any time.