Last minute! Apple announces a touch-enabled MacBook


One of the rumors or concepts that always come up around the new Apple computers is the possibility that those from Cupertino make the leap to the touch screen. So far this possibility seemed really unlikely, however, Apple wanted to close the year in style, and has just announced the new MacBook Touch.

main features

Of course, this launch of Apple has caught everyone by surprise since, although there were rumors that those from Cupertino were going to launch new computers very soon, everything indicated that they were going to be reserved for the beginning of 2023, not much. least could imagine that before the end of this year there would be a new Mac, much less of this type.

How can it be otherwise, the main feature and novelty of this MacBook Touch is its screen, since it has a size of 14 inches and, above all, it is touch screen. Until now, there has always been a way to use an iPad like a Mac, and with this computer you can also use a Mac like an iPad. This incredible screen has 4K resolution, although it continues to maintain one of the most controversial elements of the latest Apple laptops, the notch on the top.

But beware, the touch screen is not the only novelty of this computer, since it has the new M2 Pro processor, which will give it all the necessary power to continue moving the functions of macOS Ventura and those apps and programs that users want use. As for design, it is practically traced to what Apple already offered with the MacBook Air, highlighting the midnight color.

MacBook Air M2 Midnight

Finally, we must talk about the price, which is something that, of course, will not leave anyone indifferent. This new MacBook Touch starts at 2,500 euros in its most basic configuration, which has an M2 Pro chip, 512 GB of SSD storage and 16 GB of RAM. Taking into account the great novelty of its touch screen and the basic configuration that Apple has chosen, the price is not exorbitant for what could be expected.

Pre-order and release date

Finally, you have to know the dates that Apple has chosen so that users can reserve this device and thus enjoy it as soon as possible. Reservations will begin next Friday, December 30, and the official launch, as usual, will be a week later, on Friday, January 6, a very important day because it is Three Kings Day.

macbook air

It is undoubtedly a surprising launch both for the product that Apple has presented and for the dates chosen, right in the middle of all the Christmas parties. And precisely this last thing must be taken into account, because December 28, which is just today, is not just any date, it is not just another date, since it is April Fools’ Day, and since it could not be Otherwise, this post is OUR April Fool for the day, so no, Apple hasn’t released any MacBook Touch and it doesn’t seem like it has any intention of doing so.