Launch Of Watch S8 Causes S7 Sales To Go Down

It is not a surprise that Apple Watch Series 7 shipments have continued to fall as the release date of its replacement, the Apple Watch S8, approaches on September 7. The Watch S8 is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 14 lineup. According to recent rumors, Apple will release a premium Apple Watch Series 8 “Pro” model this year with a brand-new look.

The impending high-end model of the Apple Watch S8 will have its first overhaul in years and a new titanium case, but it will not have the long-rumored squared-off appearance, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The high-end Apple Watch model for this year will be “a good bit bigger” than the present models due to a five to seven percent larger display, Gurman said, adding that “it might only appeal to a subset of people.”

Apple Watch S8 Has Beautiful Features

The premium Apple Watch is expected to sport the first fresh aesthetic since the 2018 release of the Apple Watch Series 4. Contrary to rumors of a squared-off shape, it “will not also have the supposed flat edges,” hence it will evidently not be circular. The new form, according to Gurman, is “an development of the current rectangular shape.” He said, “The impending Apple Watch release is starting to take shape to be one of the company’s most interesting product launches this year,” and said that the case will be made of “a more robust formulation of titanium to make it extremely resistant.”

Earlier this year, “ShrimpApplePro,” a leaker who accurately predicted that the Apple Watch Series 7 would have a rounded shape similar to the Apple Watch Series 6, asserted that Apple was developing an Apple Watch Series 8 model with a “flat front glass display.” It makes sense that this information might have anything to do with the alleged new high-end model design.