Launch your new iPhone or iPad with these incredible productivity apps

If the Three Wise Men have brought you a new iPhone or iPad, there is no better way than to dedicate the morning of Three Kings Day to set it up and download the best apps to get started the year in the best possible way. iOS and iPadOS are very powerful operating systems that together with impressive hardware manage to combine to be useful for the user. thanks to these productivity applications that we teach you you will be able to improve the quality of your time and structure your days to make the days more and more profitable.

The iPhone and iPad aimed at improving the lives of users

The essence of Apple products is a mix between innovation, productivity and entertainment. The goal of the Big Apple is none other than make life easier for users more connected and more complete. To do this, it makes available a large number of products and devices, each one made by and for a different purpose. While the iPads have become more and more professional, the iPhone, with its wide variety of models, has become an accessible smartphone with a large number of tools.

However, Productivity across devices and people comes through the organization. And for this, the App Store is an ideal place to search the best apps to improve the lives of users, even in the worst case. Thanks to these apps you will be able to improve your work times and, above all, to organize your moments of productivity.


Notion is an application of organization and productivity that allows you to create and share documents, tasks and databases. It is a highly versatile tool that can be used to keep track of your work and personal life, organize team projects, and take notes. The app offers a host of features, such as the ability to add images, links, videos, and files to your notes, and to create custom tables and databases.

It is a very powerful tool accessible through a mobile app, desktop version or through the Internet. As we have said, through databases and different views we can design different views for each of the objectives that we set ourselves. At first it can be very complex. so we recommend you access a pre-established template.

Notion - notes, docs, tasks (AppStore Link)

Forest – Stay focused

Staying focused is one of the keys to increasing our work or study time so that performance is adequate. Currently, the large amount of screens and information around us makes us a bit dazed and we get confused by anything. That’s why it was born Forest.

Is a mobile and desktop app that helps you stay focused and avoid the distraction of social media and other apps while you work or study. The app works through gamification: every time you stay away from distractions for a set period of time, a virtual tree is planted in your “forest.” If you give in to the temptation to check your social networks or any other prohibited application during that time, the virtual tree dies. By planting virtual trees and building your forest, you can see your progress and feel a sense of accomplishment while staying focused and productive.

Forest - Stay Focused (AppStore Link)

Things 3

Another really important aspect to improve our performance is organization. If we have all our tasks to do inside our head, in the end we don’t dedicate quality time to what we are doing. Thanks to Things we will can organize all our tasks correctly to ensure that we have everything under control and not hanging around our heads.

Things allows us create task lists and organize them by projects, tags and priorities. It also includes a reminder function to help you meet your deadlines and a scheduling tool to plan your tasks in the future.

Things 3 (AppStore Link)


Hand in hand with the previous point, have a calendar with all our scheduled agenda It is essential for our correct daily functioning. Although the iOS and iPadOS Calendar app improves with the passing of updates, today there are other much more effective alternatives such as fantastic, one of the best calendar apps that exist so far.

The app introduces quick entry tool that allows you to create events just by typing a sentence, which makes it very easy to use. Also, Fantastical has a attractive user interface and offers a lot of featuressuch as the ability to integrate with other calendar and reminder services, viewing multiple calendars at the same time, and the option to view your events in a list format or in a month view.

Fantastical Calendar (AppStore Link)

air mail

A powerful email manager that meets our expectations is also important on our iPad or iPhone. Just like Calendar, the iOS and iPadOS Mail app isn’t as complete as others like AirMail. It is a cross platform tool that allows the management of mails.

it allows you manage email accounts from different providers in one place and offers a host of features to help you organize and manage your messages: create rules to automatically organize your messages, the option to add labels and flags to easily identify your important messages, and integration with other productivity services, such as calendars and reminders.

Airmail 5 (App Store Link)

The iOS and iPadOS Notes app itself

Finally, the native iOS and iPadOS Notes app also has a large handful of interesting new features that allow you to increase productivity today. One of them is the ability to scan documents easily and quickly as well as take notes quickly with drawings, shapes and signatures.

Notes (AppStore Link)