Learn about the history of Safari, one of the most used browsers

Safari is one of the most used browsers in the digital age. Since its launch in January 2003, now in 2023 It has already completed its 20 years since its official beginning. It is developed by Apple Inc where its principles are anchored with the possibility of knowing how it develops. However, we will learn about the history of Safari, from its creation, logo and How it has evolved over the years.

This browser has evolved since its inception and with its version 1.0, until today, with functionalities integrated into the system and with impeccable security. Today it is found as the second preferred browser by users, corresponding to 24.17% of the global market.

Who founded Safari and when?

The Safari Story dates back to the late 1990s, when Apple wanted to investigate this project given the growing rise of the Internet. It was originally created by a company called OmniWeb, with the aim of creating a different and innovative web browser, faster and with greater security.

In 2001 Apple acquired OnmiWeb and its web browsing technology, allowing it to be the start of its own browser. January 7, 2003 is when Steve Jobs announces the creation of his own new browser, called Safari, which was based on Webkit, the KHTML rendering engine.

After testing its beta release, version 1.0 emerges in June as a separate download on the system. Afterwards, his new addition in October joined the Mac devices, along with Internet Explorer.

Within its broadcast in 2003, the company indicated that It would be a browser with optimal functions so that it would be the favorite among its users and Macintosh computers. Nowadays it can be used by any Windows user if they want too.

Learn the history of SafariLearn the history of Safari

In principle, Jobs opted for this program to be named after Freedom, since its navigation system incorporated the idea of ​​being more free. The search engine that Apple has always used was Microsoft Bi, so it had to terminate its contract with the company.

How many people currently use it?

There are nearly 1,006,200,000 active users on the Internet, according to a study by Atlas VPN. Today there are about 20% of users using the Safari browser, making it the second most used browser in the world.

We find the first search engine in Google Chrome, with more than 3.3 billion of users worldwide and covering 64% of the market. Third place goes to Edge, with 212 million and 4%. Firefox remains in fourth place with 179 million and 3% and Samsung with 150 millions of users and with 2.85%.

Where is Safari most used?

With the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Safari became the Unconditional browser for all Apple devices. With this new program, users can navigate faster and easier, with navigation similar to the desktop version.

How many languages ​​is it translated into?

At the time it was launched, Safari was downloaded for free and safely from any computer and from its official website. At that time, it was adapted to 15 languages, including Spanish, English, French, Italian, among others.

Safari is a multilanguage browser. It will appear with the language corresponding to the country where it is operated. However, to get a translation, the “Translate” button is displayed within the smart search field. From here you can choose the language you want.

You may even be able to add more languages ​​to the menu, if you add it to the Language or region settings. You can leave the language you want and as preferred within Safari's Translate menu.

How has the Safari logo evolved?

The current logo has been recently renewed to adapt to the design and the new times. The idea is transmit more modernity and efficiency to the eye of the viewer. This new version offers a minimalist, more elegant design, with vibrant colors and soft lines in its contours.

The idea is to visualize what is, with the representation of being a browser with high speed and fluidity. The compass that we are used to seeing has been simplified, highlighting fundamental elements and eliminating what is not essential.

This new logo is intended to draw the attention of its users, so that they can have more complicity and security in its use. Its system does not finish highlighting all the improvements it offers its users, with benefits, more performance and optimization.

Learn the history of Safari

Is Safari safe?

Safari always has evolved with its security purpose, Therefore, it remains one of the most secure browsers that exists. Among its security we can observe the blocking tracking cookies from third parties by default, something that is in practice to obtain information about the user's behavior and preferences.

Even with the different and existing browsers, Chrome also offers that great security and keeps up with security threats. But, in this case, Safari is more transparent and offers more security services than Google itself.

Can it only be used on iOS devices?

With the release of the Safari 3 update, a version for Microsoft Windows was enabled, which It still exists and is used with new versions of the browser. With the launch of the iCloud control panel for Windows, within the Safari function on Apple computers, it could also be included a version at Microsoft.

As we currently know, Safari It is available for many devices, especially in Apple products. Both computers, laptops, iPhone, Mac or iPad can use this browser and be synchronized. In addition, various functions such as iCloud, Siri and Apple Pay can be used.

It is still a full-fledged search engine, with its search bar, with its “Back” button to be able to return to the page visited and without having to access the browsing history. Also, you can observe the tabs with the web page it represents and with a more decisive organization.