Learn how to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Many people are not sure if they can use WhatsApp on their Apple Watch 100%, or if, on the contrary, there is some restriction that prevents them from communicating with whoever they want. Well, here we will clear that doubt!

Since they were launched on the market in 2015, Apple Watch users have been longing for the arrival of an official WhatsApp app. And it is that although the Apple watch is perfect for answering notifications, since it does not have an official WhatsApp app, users can’t start conversations or view chats.

What can you do in WhatsApp from an Apple Watch?

WhatsApp’s functionality is limited to receiving, or rather, reflecting the notifications that arrive on your iPhone to interact with them from the watch. That is to say, you can see and reply to a specific message that has been sent to youwhich is very useful.

However, if you dismiss the notification, you will no longer be able to reply to it because there is no app to start the chat, just like you do on iPhone. This is because there is no official WhatsApp application designed for Apple Watch, as we mentioned at the beginning.

But how is it then that I can reply to WhatsApp messages? Well, this is the merit of the Apple Watch notification system itselfwhich you can link to your iPhone.

You just need to enter the Watch application on your iPhone, and enter the “Notifications” section. Over there You will see a list of the applications that you have installed on your phone and that can show their notifications on the Apple Watch. Check that the WhatsApp box is activated.

Activate WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

How to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

When someone sends you a WhatsApp message, Apple Watch will start syncing notifications and display them on the screen. You will be offered two options to respond: you can use one of the quick responses or create your own custom response. For both options you must press the “Respond” button.

If you prefer to use a quick response to answer, a list of phrases will appear from which you can choose by clicking on any of them. Also, you will have a list of emoticons in case you want to respond with any of them. It is the most comfortable option to reply to a message, especially when you are busy or don’t have time.

Apple Watch on the wrist In case you want to write a longer answer, you will have to compose a custom answer. For it you can dictate a voice message through the phone’s microphone, so that later it takes care of converting what you are saying into text. To send it, click on “Send”.

If you choose the option to write the answer, an area delimited by dots will appear on the screen on which you will have to write letter by letter what you want to say. As you do it, there will be a text field that will help you complete the words and below, you will have a button to enter the spaces. Depending on how well you type the letters, the watch may or may not guess what you are typing.

WatchChat for Apple Watch: the alternative

Alternative to WhatsApp on Apple Watch Perhaps you have ever heard of this application. It is a version of WhatsAppfor Apple Watch created by a third-party providerSo it’s not official. However, it works correctly, although you should know that it is paid.

The application takes advantage of the same WhatsApp Web system, since it connects the watch with the iPhone in the same way as if you would use this version of WhatsApp on a computer. That is, having to scan the QR code that appears on the Apple Watch with the mobile.

Although in principle this is not inconvenient and will allow you to maintain conversations in your chats from the wrist, there is a limitation. You will be forced to always have the iPhone with you for it to work.