Learn to send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality

Do you want to send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality? One of the biggest drawbacks when sending photos through this messaging service is the loss of quality.. This means that the image you will send will be seen with less quality, since WhatsApp automatically compresses it to save data.

In most cases this is usually not a major problem. However, it may be that at some point you need to send an image and that it arrives with the highest resolution, either for a job or to print it. For this reason, we are going to explain different ways of how to send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality.

Improve the quality of photos from the app settings

For some time now, WhatsApp has made it easy to send photos without losing so much quality. Something that you can achieve just by going to the app settings in the following way:

  1. open the app by WhatsApp.
  2. Go to the menu “Settings” at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Enter the section “storage and data”.
  4. Go to the bottom and tap on “Photo loading quality”. A window will open with 3 options.
  5. By default, the quality is set to “Automatic”. Change it to “Best Quality” and press “Okay”.

From now on, the photos and videos you send will reach the recipient with better quality. However, if you want your photos to maintain the highest quality possible, the following method may interest you even more.

Send photos by WhatsApp in document format

Send photo as document on iPhone Although with the previous method you can manage to send photos with excellent quality, this may not be enough for specific cases.. That is why we will teach you how to send photos via WhatsApp in document format, since this way they will not lose any quality at all.

  1. go to the photo gallery of your iPhone and choose the photos or images that you want to send
  2. Tap on “Share” and then do it in the option “Save to Files”.
  3. Specifies the folder Where do you want the photos to be saved?
  4. Then go to WhatsApp and open the chat of the conversation to whom you want to send the photos.
  5. Click on the icon “+” located in the upper right corner and then in “documents”.
  6. Inside the file explorer, select the photos you have saved and send them.

And ready! In this way you will have managed to send all the photos you want without losing their quality. The image will not be previewed in the conversation, but as a sent document. To view it, just open the file to save it in the photo gallery. We recommend that you use this method only on really necessary occasions, since the files usually weigh quite a few megabytes.

Send photos by WhatsApp without losing quality with WeTransfer

Create links with WeTransfer to send photos via WhatsApp Another way that you have to send your photos through WhatsApp avoiding that they lose their quality, is through WeTransfer. This is a very popular tool that allows you to share large files.

In fact, with it you can share 2 GB files for free, and up to 20 GB in the premium version. To send photos with this tool you have to do the following:

  1. Enter WeTransfer and select the option “Upload files”.
  2. Choose the files that you want to send
  3. To share them via WhatsApp, you will have to generate a link. You will get this by clicking on the circle icon with the three points that is at the bottom, and then on “Get transfer link”.
  4. Loaded the files, click on “get a link”.
  5. Wait a few moments for the link to load and when it’s done, you can copy the generated link.
  6. The only thing that remains now is to go to WhatsApp, open the chat that interests you, and just paste the link to send it to the person.

You can copy and paste this link as many times as you want in the chats you need.