Less is more, the ideal iPhone for me could be the next SE 4

We all know that the iPhone SE is due for renewal soon. Will 2024 be the year of change? We hope so because we are eager to see how this model evolves. Expectations are through the roof.

New rumors about the iPhone SE 4

Rumors about the iPhone SE 4 have been circulating for several months now, and each leak promises a device that will merge elements of the successful iPhone 14 design with some very important features of the iPhone 15 Pro. This concept not only has me very intrigued, but which also raises the possibility of a new era for the iPhone SE line.

One of the most obvious changes expected in the iPhone SE 4 is the removal of the home button, an iconic element that has been present in many previous models. Instead, Apple is rumored to adopt the technology Face ID for biometric authentication, bringing the iPhone SE into the era of facial recognition that has characterized more recent models.

This change not only represents an update in terms of security, but will also allow an expansion of the 6.1 OLED screen inches, spanning all four edges of the device and gaining significant screen real estate. This design adjustment would offer a better visual experience.

A mix between Pro and basic

Following the trend of integrating the latest technologies into each new device, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to incorporate a 48 megapixel camera, a surprising feature for a device that has never stood out for having the best cameras. This leap in camera quality would open up new possibilities.

Furthermore, the adoption of USB-C connector on the iPhone SE 4 aligns with Apple’s vision of standardizing this port in all its future models, saying a definitive goodbye to Lightning.

The iPhone SE 4 is not only based on the iPhone 14 design, but is also rumored to inherit the action button of the iPhone 15 Pro but with possible accessibility features. This addition could demonstrate how Apple seeks to bring premium features to a more accessible price range, if true it would be truly surprising.

iPhone SE 2022

An iPhone SE that combines the elegance of the design of the iPhone 14, some of the power of the iPhone 15 Pro and the latest technological trends. A small but powerful device. As you already know that I was always a big fan of the iPhone Mini, the next iPhone SE 4 could become the ideal iPhone model for me.