Less than 100 euros and you have headphones the same as the AirPods Pro

Features of the Nothing Ear (1)

These headphones certainly do not leave anyone indifferent for the so characteristic design they have, and it is that, as you can see, in terms of form they are really similar to Apple AirPods Prohowever, the design they have on the pin makes them really original and, of course, they cause all eyes to go to them.

However, and oddly enough, the most important thing is not in the design, which although it is a point to take into account, since everyone wants to have beautiful headphones in their ears, what is really going to make you fall in love with these Nothing Ear (1) are its benefits. For less than 100 euros, in fact, they are currently at 89 eurossurely you can not find a headset that offers you more.

In Noise Cancellation They are very good, although it is true that they do not reach the level of the AirPods Pro, but they are really close to them. Besides, his sound quality It’s also very good, again staying a little behind Apple’s, but giving all users the chance to enjoy their favorite songs. It also has ambient mode, which allows you to listen wonderfully to everything that happens around you. In short, for all those users who want top-of-the-range headphones without having to invest a lot of money, these Nothing Ears (1) are, by far, the best you can find, yes, keep reading that the price issue goes to change.

Nothing announces a price increase for headphones

In an exercise of honesty and honesty, from the company itself they have announced that next week, more specifically from October 26, these headphones will go up in price considerablyand it is that the increase will be 50%, causing its price to rise above 100 euros. Therefore, all those users who are thinking of buying them or who need good headphones and do not want to spend a lot of money, now have the best opportunity they will find.

Nothing ear and AirPods Pro

In addition, it is appreciated that the company has announced this price increase, since in this way users can take advantage of these last days to be able to acquire them for a cheaper price. Although yes, on a personal basis and having tried these Nothing Ear (1), the final price that these headphones will have after the rise, does not cause them to stop being a great option, since they will surely continue to be the headphones with the best quality/ market price you can find.