Let's talk about how Samsung could hijack its new Galaxy S24

Along with the new Samsung Galaxy S24, a large number of artificial intelligence functions have also been presented. And the truth is that these are very interesting proposals and approaches for the daily and professional use of our device. However, perhaps all that glitters is not gold, since news has also emerged in which it is commented that these functions could be paid. If confirmed, we would be facing a technological hijacking.

Everything exploded when a publication was published in X showing how Artificial intelligence functions would only be free until the end of 2025. This information, originally released by the SamMobile account, in which they echoed that a user had shared. However, the post was deleted after a short time.

Kidnapping in sight?

When we talk about a technological hijacking, we mean that a company launches a product that is capable of performing a certain task but you have to pay again to access it. This is not an isolated practice in the world of technology.

If we look at the case of Apple, something that could be considered hijacking is iCloud storage space. It is true that with the free plan we have access to synchronization functions (and everything that comes with interacting with other devices). But in a much more limited way, due to the space we have as a base. It's not that you have to pay extra to unlock syncing features.

The phone already knows how to do it. But it would be poisoned candy

In the case of Samsung, we are not talking about having to hire storage space or a streaming service. We are talking about functionalities that are included as standard and that, at least for now, are completely free.

Although there are still no official statements from the company, if they decided to cut these functions to include them in paid subscription packages, we would be facing a kidnapping, since the phone is capable of doing all this. And it would be a poisoned candy, since they would have let us enjoy these functions for a whole year for free.

An operating system with DLC?

In the world of video games, a DLC is additional, paid downloadable content to expand the basic functions and options we have. The operating system of the new S24 is Android, with layers of customization from Samsung.

We are paying for the phone. Not only to use the device on a physical level, but also We are acquiring the rights to be able to use all the software that is included. If this movement is confirmed, Would we be facing an incomplete operating system? How would Samsung excuse itself to make us pay when using functions that have been unlocked at first?

It is as if on the iPhone we had to pay, in addition to the phone itself, a fee to be able to maintain functions such as Point to Speak, artificial voice or real-time translation. If we do not pay, we will not have these functionalities released.

iphone artificial voice

In the case of the new Samsung Galaxy, we are talking about the cheapest model already costing more than 900 euros. and if we decide to go for the S24 Ultra, we are already looking at 1,400 euros. Paying again for something that the device can do, and that we already have, would be taking one step forward and two steps back.