Let’s talk about Pro Motion technology and this surprising discovery

What is ProMotion?

Pro Motion technology delivers smoother scrolling, greater responsiveness and much smoother movement of content, which substantially improves the user experience. The top-of-the-range iPhones have a refresh rate between 1 Hz, which occurs when the famous Always On or always-on screen is activated, and 120 Hz, when you are reading content or playing Resident Evil Village. Now, if this functionality consumes a lot of battery: Is it worth disabling this feature? Let’s analyze it below.

Some unconvincing results

The editorial team of La Manzana Mordida deactivated this technology, leaving it at 60 Hz, that is, half. The results they showed determined that the battery increased by approximately 5%. Therefore, disabling one of Apple’s best technologies drastically reduces the user experience and, furthermore, the battery improvement is minimal.

To obtain more precise data, we decided to take a further leap and carry out a much more complex and in-depth test, playing Oceanhorn 2, one of the best in Apple Arcade, on our iPhone 15 Pro. The test consisted of play the same video game for two hoursbut in the first case, with Pro Motion Activated and, in the second case, deactivated.

Differences were noted here, since with the Pro Motion turned off, battery use was reduced by approximately half. This is because the frame rate affects battery life as a result of the processor, which requires more resources to process all the informationas well as a faster frame rate.

Is it worth deactivating Pro Motion or not?

Like everything in this life, not everything is black or white, but there is a wide range of grays. Therefore, depending on the type of user you are, it is advisable or not to deactivate this function, not only to extend the battery of your device, but also to avoid wear of the components.

iPhone 14 Pro Max screen

If you are going to use the device for general use, It is not at all advisable to disable Pro Motion technology. Does it pay you to extend the battery by 5%? Surely not, because for practical purposes of active screen duration I don’t think it is even 20-25 minutes and under the current charging cycle parameters, before it reaches 20%, it is advisable to charge it.

Now, the situation changes if you want to extend the life of your unit and you usually play video games, you can deactivate this option if you do not have your unit connected to the power. In this last situation, the experience during the game will be less, but the gain in the useful life of your device will be greater.