Major updates require testing before their official release in order to prevent bugs. This is why Apple has a beta program for both developers and the general public. A few days ago iOS 16.5 was released publicly after weeks of testing. However, not all errors are detected on time. Apparently iOS 16.5 disables the Lightning to USB 3 adapter giving a power supply error when connected. Will we have iOS 16.5.1 just around the corner?

Something is wrong with iOS 16.5… the Lightning to USB 3 adapter is not working

Apple has a series of accessories that for many are essential. One of them is the Lightning to USB 3 adapter for cameras. This adapter has a Lightning input through which it is fed and two outputs: a USB 3 to connect peripherals and a Lightning to charge devices if we want. In USB 3 you can not only connect cameras but also hubs, Ethernet adapters, audio/MIDI interfaces or card readers. It is a key adapter for accessing files from countless places.

iOS 16.5 now available

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However, It seems that iOS 16.5 has some bug and has made the Lightning to USB 3 adapter unusable. The main error that is thrown is that “the adapter requires too much power to work”. The result of this error? The inability to make normal use of the adapter that when connected to a device with another operating system works perfectly.

There are many users who have complained about the adapter not working after the update and the customer service itself does not know how to give an answer. Seeing how the adapter works again after connecting it to a device with previous versions, it is logical to think that the problem is in iOS 16.5. For that alone, Apple might be thinking of releasing iOS 16.5.1 in the next few days to revert the bug.