Lights and shadows for the Apple Watch SE 2022

Along with the new iPhones, Apple presented three new Apple Watches at the September Keynote: Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE and the new Apple Watch Ultra. In this post we are going to focus on the cheapest Apple and analyze the main lights and shadows with respect to the predecessor generation and if worth updating your device or stay on the previous version.

Apple Watch SE lights

The great success that the Apple Watch SE of the first generation It is ratified with the presentation of the second generation of this device that seeks to offer an entry-level equipment for users looking for their first Watch or not looking to make a large outlay. This device maintains the same continuity line of the previous series. Let’s see its main features:

  • New processor: The Watch SE includes a new S8 processor made up of a 64-bit dual core and W3 wireless chip that provides 20% more performance in interface fluidity and navigation.
  • New features and sensors: Along with this processor, new sensors are included to monitor fitness, health and much more precise sleep control and the most important of all: new cycle control for women.
  • Fall and accident detector: This new generation includes a new sensor that detects if you have had a serious accident. In this way, you can call 112 and send your location to the emergency services and notify the contacts you have defined.
  • Waterproof: water resistance up to 50 meters. Along with this, a greater capacity for precision when you exercise with much more precise metrics. You can use it to record your sets in the pool.

Shadows of the Apple Watch SE

The Watch SE is the input device of the entire Watch series, so there are new features that are restricted and that only the most professional series such as the Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra have.

  • Same design: It contains the same design as the previous generation and very similar to the 6, 5, and 4 series generations. For many users, it is a design that is beginning to be obsolete because it does not make good use of the front and you have the feeling that you do not change devices as it is identical to the first generation SE.
  • same processor: Although Apple has remarked that it is 20% more than the previous generation. The processor is the same with minor component upgrades that many users who have taken good care of their device will not notice any difference on a day to day basis.
  • Does not include new key sensors: one of its most serious absences is the exclusion of the new temperature control, the blood oxygen monitoring application and the notifications of high or low heart rate. Many users consider the renewal of the device insufficient without including fundamental improvements in health such as those mentioned above.

Apple Watch SE

Is the Watch SE 2022 worth it?

Based on its main highlights and some shadows, for many users if it’s worth it the change with respect to the first generation SE because you will find differences in performance, new innovations focused on health and the fall and accident detector. However, if for you design continuity is important and the new features are expendable for you, perhaps the best option is to wait for a new generation of SE that will include improvements inherited from the Series 8 and a possible new design or much more optimized front.

In the same way, if you currently do not have an Apple Watch and want to see for yourself what the experience of wearing a device of this type on your wrist is like on a daily basis, surely the best option you can find right now in the market is that of the second generation Apple Watch SE, since its quality/price ratio is really good.