Little-known tricks that I use on my iPhone daily

Therefore, today we are going to share some more ways to get the most out of your iPhone. I bet that from now on, you will use these functions and features that you are about to discover a lot more.

New ways to use your iPhone on a daily basis


The markup function is a tool with potential that you may not even know exists. This function allows you to edit screenshots and photos, add signatures to PDFs or other documents, insert text and draw on images without having to download third-party applications.

To start using Markup on iPhone to draw or annotate your photos, follow these steps:

Open a photo from the gallery and tap Edit, then the Markup button. It looks like a pencil inside a circle. Tap the More button to add Description, Text, Signature, or Magnifying Glass to zoom. Once you've made your selection and edited the image, tap Ok, then tap Ok again.

Improve your FaceTime calls

The next trick that I use daily on my iPhone has to do with FaceTime and is one of the most unknown iPhone tricks. This is the Eye Contact function. Introduced with iOS 14, Eye Contact makes it appear like you're maintaining eye contact, even if you're looking at another part of your screen during a FactTime call. It even works when you're on a video call with multiple people at once.

This feature is usually activated by default, however, if you want to make sure you are using it, follow these steps: Go to your iPhone Settings – FaceTime. Activate the option Eye contact to the right to enable it.

siri pronounce contact

Make Siri pronounce better

Siri is pretty smart, but sometimes she has trouble with some names. That is why there is an option that allows us to help our assistant improve the pronunciation of the names in our contact list. To do this, follow these steps:

Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and select the contact you want to add a message to. phonetic pronunciation. Tap Edit – Add Field – Name (Phonetics) and enter the form exactly as it is pronounced, even if it is not the correct way to write the name. When you have finished, tap “Ok” or “Done.” The next time you receive a call or message from this contact and Siri says their name through AirPods, you should use the phonetic way to pronounce it.

If you have problems with Sirihere we leave you an article that deals with different solutions.

Turn your iPhone keyboard into a trackpad

If you need to navigate the content of text you've typed on your iPhone, whether it's a message or a long note, you can do so quickly and more accurately using your iPhone's hidden trackpad. To activate it you just have to press and hold the space bar on the iPhone touch keyboard. While holding it down, slide your finger across the screen, you will see that the selection mark now moves across the screen as if you were controlling it with a trackpad. This way it is easier to access specific parts of the text.

trackpad keyboard iphone

Check if a surface is level

The next time you hang a painting, you can use your iPhone instead of searching for a level in the garage. To do this, open the Measurements application that comes pre-installed on the iPhone. Tap Level, then hold your iPhone against an object and use it just as you would use a normal level.