Looking for an iPad Air? You will like this price drop

If you were looking for a good deal to be able to buy the iPad Air and save some money, in this post we bring you the price reduction that MediaMarkt has on this Apple device, which, of course, has one of the best quality/price ratios out there. you will be able to find Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

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The iPad has a wider audience every day, since in addition to the features it has, users are also adopting it more frequently as the device that is able to satisfy all your needs, that is, as the main team. Be that as it may, whether as the main equipment or as a device to perform certain tasks, the iPad Air is the model that, as we have previously mentioned, has the best quality/price ratio.

Inside it has the M1 chipwhich of course does have to be defined in some way, it would be as power and performance, so users who have this iPad will have plenty in this regard. The screen It’s not the best you can find on an iPad, but it’s certainly really well calibrated and ideal for both working with it and consuming content. Another aspect to take into account is the size, ideal to carry it in a backpack or bag, so transporting it will not be a problem.

Actually, the difference with the Pro models lies in the screen, and in the possibility of having a larger device, since the iPad Air does not have a 12.9-inch version. However, the price it has is much lower, to which if you add the discount you have at MediaMarkt, you will have an iPad Air with 64 GB for just as only 705 euro.

Best iPad Air Accessories

As we said, the iPad is a piece of equipment that shines for its versatility, however, it must also be taken into account that in order to perform many of the tasks for which it is designed and prepared, it must be surrounded by a series of accessories that do allow the user to get the most out of it. Therefore, below we leave you some of the most recommended gadgets to accompany your iPad Air.

  • Magic Keyboard. Without a doubt, if there is a keyboard that enhances all the benefits of the iPad Air, that is the one from Apple. Thanks to its construction and the presence of the trackpad, using the iPad with this keyboard will give you a really satisfying user experience.
  • Apple Pencil 2nd generation. The Apple Pencil is a gadget that you will fall in love with as soon as you use it with your iPad. It is ideal for all those who have to take notes on different documents or simply to make notes, not to mention all users who want to draw and unleash their creativity.

iPad Air + iPhone

  • Magnetic support. Although it is true that the iPad by itself is a true wonder, it is also a marvel as a complement to the Mac, which is why this support that magnetizes to the iPad is highly recommended, since it allows you to place your equipment next to the computer and easily use functions such as Universal Control or Sidecar.
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