Lululook Sport Bands for Apple Watch

We tested the new Lululook sports straps, Made with fluoroelastomer, comfortable and perfect for practicing sports with any Apple Watch model.

The new Lululook sports straps are made of the best material for practicing sports, and why not for everyday life: FKM. This fluoroelastomer is very durable, comfortable, water resistant and it is also very easy to clean, something that is essential for this type of straps. If you have bought an imitation silicone strap of the official Apple ones, you will have noticed that neither the touch nor the durability is good, not to mention that they get dirty easily and even if you clean them, they do not look good. This is because they use much cheaper silicone that does not have the properties of FKM, which is not a silicone but comes from rubber.

Lululook offers us these sports straps in various colors, here we tested the orange one, which is perfect to combine with the Apple Watch Ultra, and another white one that has a peculiarity: it is fluorescent. We also have these straps available in blue, green, gray, black and yellow. They are compatible with all Apple Watch models, as long as they are the “large” size 42/44/45/49mm. The design has a very discreet wave that Lululook calls “Infinity Wave.”

Lululook fluorescent strap

The fit of the straps on the Apple Watch is impeccable, and the closure system is the classic of Apple sports straps, which is without the slightest doubt the fastest, most comfortable and secure of all the straps you can try. The straps fit perfectly on your wrist With more than enough length for any wrist size and plenty of holes to find the right fit for you. The metal closure increases security when putting it on, and they have a certain elasticity that makes them fit well so that the watch does not move and its sensors capture all the information without any problem whatever sport you practice.

You can use them without problem for any type of activity, They are resistant to water and sweat, and if they get dirty, it is as simple as removing them from the Apple Watch and washing them under the tap, leaving impeccable. They also dry quickly, something that is missed when you use other textile sports straps such as loops, also very popular for the Apple Watch.

Editor's opinion

If you are looking for a more affordable sports strap than Apple's, with a different design and made of top quality material, FKM, these new Lululook models will not disappoint you. Very comfortable, easy to put on and take off, waterproof and easy to clean, and available in various colors. You can purchase them at Lululook for $39 or $45 depending on the color (link) with free shipping costs.

Sports Strap
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$39 to $45

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  • Last modification: April 13, 2024


  • Premium material
  • They clean easily
  • Various colors
  • Comfortable and safe


  • Not available for small models