The M3 iMac Could Finally Be Launched This Year

Although the fans of Apple are ideally expecting a few different versions of the Mac to be launched this year- which includes the 15-inch MacBook Air, and the Apple Silicon Mac Pro, one product that has been noticeably absent but could make a return is the M3 iMac. As it turns out, Bloomberg has received information on the next iMac- along with the details of its launch, and the build. According to the official report, the next-gen iMac- codenamed the J434 and the J433 is at a stage of advanced engineering validation testing, and the parent company has been running multiple production tests on the desktop. 

The M3 iMac Could Be Launched In The Latter Half Of The Year

It was reported the previous year that Apple hadn’t been working on anything but a 24-inch version of the new M3 iMac, and Bloomberg reported that it was actually the only size in which the next desktop would be available. Regarding the color scheme of the computer, the next-gen iMac has been tested with what was previously available for the M1 iMac- including blue, silver, orange, and pink. There has been no specific mention of green, yellow, or purple in this report- but they could be available again as well. 

The reports also state that the new M3 iMacs would be far more powerful with an updated Apple Silicon M-Series chip. The previous year, it had been reported that the parent company was working on the next-gen iMac with a chip and it seems like that could be realized in the coming year. It is expected that the new iMac will also be one of the first M3-based machines of the company. Since the iMacs will not be unveiled until the second half of 2023, they seem to be quite far along in their development.