The Next Mac Mini Will Have M2 and M2 Pro Apple Silicon Chip Options

Rumors claimed Apple might announce a new Mac mini before yesterday’s spring event, but instead, we got the all-new Apple Mac Studio, which is a cross between an Apple Mac mini and a Mac Pro. The device isn’t being phased out with the release of the Apple Mac Studio, and a new version is still in the works.

The M1 Max and new M1 Ultra processors are used in the Mac Studio, although Apple will switch to the M2 chip in the upcoming Mac mini. Apple is rumored to be working on two different models, one with a conventional M2 processor and the other with an M2 Pro chip.

It’ll have the same 8-core CPU as the M1 chip, but with improved performance and efficiency, as well as a 9 or 10 core GPU, up from 7 or 8 cores in the M1.

Mac Mini May Have M1 Chip In The Future

We don’t have all the specifics on the Apple M2 Pro yet, but it might include a 12-core CPU. We might also see a GPU bump because the present M1 Pro processor has a 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU. As demonstrated by references to the processor in the current beta of macOS Monterey, testing on the M2 is already underway.

Apple “had plans” to release high-end Mac minis with M1 Pro and M1 Max processors, but these plans were “likely dropped” in favor of the Apple Mac Studio rather than the M2.

According to previous reports, a future Mac mini might include a slimmer chassis, a plexiglass-like top, and two-tone color possibilities.

The Mac mini might get an update later this year, and the fact that Apple kept the Intel model in the list is likely the greatest proof that the computer isn’t being phased out. For the time being, the 2020 M1 Mac mini is still available alongside the older Intel model.

Although no precise date for a refresh has been announced, Gurman has speculated that Apple might release new Mac improvements as early as May or June.