New Mac Mini May Debut As Early As Next Week

For a long time, Apple has been reported to be working on a new high-end Mac mini. The M1 is used in the current entry-level model, while Intel CPUs are still used in the higher-end variants.

This next Mac mini with more power is to be named Mac Studio.

According to the website, two versions are in the works. One will feature an M1 Max CPU, while the other will contain “an even more powerful variation of the Apple Silicon chip than the existing M1 Max.”

Mac Mini Will Be Called Mac Studio

It’s unclear whether this is a new M1-series chip, a multi-chip solution, or something similar to an M2 Max—the source doesn’t specify how this chip outperforms the M1 Max.

According to the rumor, the product’s name may change, but it’ll be positioned in between the present Mac mini and the highly costly and powerful Mac Pro, which is also set for a silicon upgrade this year. While a Mac Pro with Apple silicon rather than Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs is expected, speculations suggest Apple may also upgrade the current Intel-based model. As a result, this new Mac Studio is likely to appeal to a different demographic.

A Mac Studio is expected to be released around the same time as Apple’s reported new desktop monitor, which might bring the Studio Display brand back to life.

9to5Mac previously reported on a 7K “Apple Studio Display” with a resolution better than the Pro Display XDR. Apple’s Thunderbolt Display, featuring a Quad HD 2560 1440 resolution and a $999 price tag, was last marketed in 2016.

Apple is rumored to be working on a Mac Pro with a casing half the size of the present model and “a largely metal exterior,” according to previous leaks. These two Macs might be identical, implying that the MacStudio would be far larger than the Mac mini.

J375 is the product’s internal code name. Apple’s “Peek Performance” event is scheduled for March 8, but this new Mac is unlikely to make an appearance.