New Mac Mini Will Keep Its Old Design Predicts Ming-Chi Kuo

The next-generation Mac Mini will be the same as the present model, according to Apple. According to Mac Rumours, the updated device would most likely have the same form factor as the present model, which is an aluminum unibody design that Apple has employed for every new device since 2010.

Mac Mini Will Be Released In 2023

Kuo previously stated that the next Mac mini will not be released until 2023. This contradicts previous reports that Apple was working on a new redesign of the compact desktop computer, with a thinner chassis and a plexiglass-like For the uninitiated, Apple has long been rumored to be working on a new Mini. It upgraded the entry-level Apple mini with the M1 chip in November 2020, while the high-end model with an Intel CPU is still the Space Gray model from 2018.

According to Mac Rumours, the possibility of replacing this outdated high-end model with an Apple silicon machine was previously at the focus of speculations surrounding the latest Minis, but now it appears that both the entry-level and high-end models may be refurbished at the same time.

Kuo’s tweet effectively refutes any claims that the new Apple Mini would receive a design overhaul.

The Mac mini was said to have a slimmer structure with a metal bar around the rim and a poly-carbonate lid in one set of claims.

It was also claimed that keeping the structure style will maintain the new Mac mini looking comparable to the old Mac Studio. It also reuses the aluminum chamber aesthetic along with other aspects borrowed from the various Mac minis.