Mac Pro in 2023 does it make sense to buy it?

The Mac Pro, released in 2019, is one of Apple’s most powerful computers, designed specifically for professionals who need a lot of power and can customize in multiple ways. However, three years later and with the second generation of Silicon on the market, does it make sense to buy a Mac Pro in 2023? In this post we are going to see it.

The most customizable Mac Pro

One of its main advantages, beyond the advantages that we all know as its operating system, macOS, is its customization capability, that allows you to obtain a specific team based on your news. This customization ability means that your team can keep their theses of performance for a longer time, unlike other Apple devices, that the initial configuration is the one you have until the end.

Even so, the equipment has the highest features on the market, such as the Intel Xeon with up to 28 cores, 1.5 TB of RAM, and a storage capacity of up to 8 TB of SSD. Therefore, any editing task, movies and even working with heavy 3D files to carry out photogrammetry and optimization tasks, the Mac Pro is not going to mess up about it.

The Apple Silicon appear at the door

The Mac Pro is still a very interesting option for a specific audience in 2023, however, it is a device that is three years old and we have to analyze the movements that Apple has carried out in the last two years.

mac studio 3

Specifically, we are referring to the first and second generation Apple Silicon in its different variables, which have made a leap in quality, efficiency and performance at all levels, so the Mac Pro continues to be one step ahead. from the rest of the units, but What about the first generation Mac Studio?

The first-generation Mac Studio demonstrated the power that have the Apple Siliconsdemonstrating that Apple is several steps above the competition in terms of ARM processors at a much lower price than the Mac Pro. Remember that the Mac Pro is priced at 5,999 euros, a very high investment compared to 2,300 for the Mac Entry studio with the M1 Max Chip, a specific Silicon for Apple and macOS.

Is the Mac Pro a real alternative in 2023?

Both devices are desktop computers, so they need the same number of peripherals. However, the real problem lies in the type of users you are and the investment you have to make in the future.

In this sense, the Mac Studio has a lower input configuration than Mac Pro, but three years more updated and the performance of Apple’s exclusive processor for this device. However, Mac Pro has the Intel chip, a very powerful chip, but it has only been on the market for three years. Another aspect to take into account is the pricesince, by customizing the Mac Studio a lot, it is possible that it is below the Mac Pro, saving a lot of money.


The main point of difference is the use that you are going to give it, since it is possible that the Mac Pro, with the graphics dedicated to video editing, specific 3D flows and code compilation. Instead, the Mac Studio, has a more generic performance, with similar performance in different processes, while, if you are a user who does a very professional job of the aforementioned, the Mac Pro is still a very capable, for today, tomorrow and the future for its ability to customize.