MacBook Air from 2014 for 150 euros, is it worth it in 2024?

This article is designed precisely because of the sale of my 2014 Mac, for that price, to a friend, and honestly, I have even been sad to part with it, and it seems like a great acquisition, even though a decade has passed, come on Let's see the reasons.

Does a 10 year old Mac work?

Many people will think that it is crazy to get a computer that is 10 years old, it is too old for technological evolution, and it is not worth it, since, how much longer will it last?if it's going well currently.

That was what I thought, until a friend wanted a Mac, but didn't spend a lot, and had been looking at the 2014 MacBook Air for about 150 euros, the one I just had saved. I told him that I had it, and that he would let me look at some things.

I started to format it, do a general cleaning both outside and inside, and install the latest MacOS allowed for this model. My surprise was so great that I no longer wanted to sell it for that price.

As for the designI didn't imagine that something 10 years old could have such a modern line today, even the illuminated apple is something that gives it a touch that I no longer remembered.

Regarding the interior, it is true that to play or use high-performance programs your processor You can tell, and it won't go as well as a current one, however, I was watching videos, browsing the internet, and retouching some photos, and the truth is that, despite being used to a much newer one, I found it sublime.

Now came the important point, the battery. It had 800 cycles, and 82% life, so, despite not having a very low percentage, I thought it would barely last, since the current requirements and its degradation would be important, however, I put a series of Netflix, and to my surprise, after 6 hours, it was at 10%, so it doesn't last the 18 hours of an M1 or M2, but it is more than enough, at least for that price.

Mac Air 2014

In summary, a MacBook Air from 2013 and 2014 may not be the best purchase today, however, for 150 or 200 euros, it is a more than useful computer for doing high school tasks such as Word, Excel, or browsing, as well as for leisure, and playing a few episodes of your favorite series in the background, as well as doing paperwork with the Treasury or the SS, such as filing your Income Tax return.

Probably, if it wasn't my friend, I wouldn't have sold it for that price, since you have a computer with MacOs, iCloud and all your information available, for a very low cost, and you never know when you may need to use it. So if you find it for that value, and you can't afford another one, my recommendation is that you don't even think about it, and go for it.