MacBook Air M1 for less than 1000 euros Run, they’re gone!

There is something that cannot be denied, and that is that Apple computers do not have affordable prices, which does not mean that they do not cost what they are really worth for the great features they offer. However, the outlay that users have to make to acquire them is really large, so this limited-time offer for the MacBook Air M1 is ideal for all those who want to renew their Apple computer or even buy their first Mac. .

discount available

All users like to be able to save some money on the purchase of any product, but surely if this is an Apple computer the joy is even greater, since in the end the investment that usually has to be made in a computer this guy is pretty big. And it is that in the end, what these devices are capable of is truly amazingespecially since the Cupertino company was able to make the leap to making its own processors.

In fact, one of the models that benefited the most from this leap was the MacBook Air, which with the M1 and subsequent processors has been able to increase its full potential, opening up to a much greater range of potential users. Well, it’s just this model, the MacBook Air M1 with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage that is on sale at MediaMartk. Count with one price of 999 euroswhich represents a discount of 141 euros compared to what it would cost if you bought it in the Apple Store itself online or in person.

Is it still a good option in 2023?

Surely this is the big question that many users ask themselves, since after all we are talking about a device that went on the market in 2020 and of which its corresponding evolution has already been launched on the market, the MacBook Pro M2. However, the fact that there are better and more expensive options on the market does not mean that this computer has lost all the benefits that made it successful in sales after its presentation and launch.

Apple Silicon MacBook Air M1 Review

It’s a computer ideal for all those who are looking for a truly portable device with enough power enough to carry out all the basic daily tasks without any kind of problem, being even capable of carrying out actions that are somewhat heavier than usual, such as video or photography editing. Of course, you have to take into account that it has 256 GB of storage, which for certain tasks can be somewhat lacking. However, you also have the option of purchasing the 512 GB version, although in this case there is no discount, although we once again emphasize that this 256 GB model is more than enough for many users, since you can also use other storage drives or Apple’s own cloud service

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