MacBook Air M1 in 2023, is it worth it?

Companies, including Apple, they do not cease to release products and products every year, renewing equipment that works like a charm for others that, obviously, are better than these. However, this does not mean that the “old” ones are no longer valid or that they have to be replaced by new ones, on the contrary, it is still a fantastic option, in fact, in many cases, a better alternative even than before, since in the end they tend to see its price reduced.

This is what happens precisely with the MacBook Air M1a computer that does not lack power and that has something that many users want, a design and construction that makes it the most portable laptop you can buy, but with the release of the MacBook Air M2 it has gone to the background completely, something normal and habitual when the evolution of a product comes out.

Reasons to buy the MacBook Air M1

As we said, the fact that there is already a superior version of MacBook Air This does not mean that this model continues to perform like a charm and, therefore, is a very suitable option for many users. And it is that, despite being a computer that arrived in the year 2020the M1 processor gives it tremendous capabilities, even competing with its older brother, the 13-inch MacBook Pro M1.

Power is not lackingsince in the end the M1 It is a really incredible processor, yes, it is obvious that the rest of the Apple processors that have come on the market are better and more powerful, which does not mean that this is not capable of satisfying the majority of user needs. Another key point is design and sizeApple continues to exemplify the surname “Air” by making a computer ultra light and very portableideal for all those who have to spend all day on the go with their laptop.

MacBook Air Late 2020

The fact that this computer is capable of doing more or less things will also depend on the amount of RAM it has. The most basic model It is designed for very everyday use, that is, creating text documents, browsing the Internet, making presentations, however, if for example you want to edit video, you will have to go for a unit with more internal storage and more RAM, since This is key for the team to work well, run smoothly and be able to carry out your work without any kind of problem.

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