$15 MacBook Air Mod Can Boost Performance

There is just one compelling reason to buy the MacBook Pro 13 now that Apple has released a revamped MacBook Air M2: active cooling. Apple claimed that the MacBook Air is not built for sustained performance, especially while doing demanding tasks, in order to justify the existence of the MacBook Pro. According to several news organizations, the MacBook Air will get hot and throttle, or slow down, under heavy workloads.

The offender? There is no fan on the MacBook Air. Because of this, the notebook is ultra-thin and pin-drop quiet, but it is dependent on passive cooling and the performance of its M2 CPU. However, there is a quick and easy solution to maintain everything the same and stop the laptop from overheating, a MacBook Air Mod.

MacBook Air Mod Can Help Keep It Cool 

It seems like YouTuber Max Tech has a fix. Max Tech opened the laptop and put $15 thermal pads, which are designed to spread heat, on top of the heatsink after becoming dissatisfied with the Air’s thermal throttling.

He used the MacBook Air Mod and retested the laptop after that and found significant performance gains.

To be clear, thermal pads or not, the MacBook Air still heats up rapidly. By just delaying the inevitable by adding the MacBook Air Mod, consumers will experience higher performance for a longer period of time until the system cools itself off by reducing engine power.

Although you might be tempted, we highly advise against trying this yourself. Not because it is ineffective; Max Tech is obviously onto something. The issue here is that every alteration carries a certain amount of danger. Your warranty may be voided if you modify a MacBook Air, so you will probably have to pay for any further problems out of pocket. Using the incorrect thermal paste might actually raise surface temperatures, even though the danger of harming parts during this straightforward modification is negligible.

Therefore, unless you are out of warranty and confident in your DIY abilities, you really should not try this.