MacBook Pro M2, it’s not as bad as it seems

The renewal of the MacBook Air came with the M2 chip, the new Mac chip developed by Apple. However the MacBook Pro 13 inches also underwent an update of components also acquiring the new Apple Silicon developed by Apple. In this post we are going to analyze the advantages of this Pro team, very Pro.

A MacBook Pro, very PRO

Next, we are going to analyze the advantages of the MacBook Pro with the new M2 Chip, which is a device that is designed for those users who are looking for versatility and power.

  • Portability and performance: the addition of the M2 chip and its slim design is the perfect union between power and performance. Regarding the design, maintaining its design and not comparing it to 14-inch and 16-inch models does not have to be a negative aspect depending on the type of user you are, because this design is a consolidated design that offers great resistance and ventilation. In terms of performance, this device is not only suitable for users looking for versatile use, but also has performance for complex tasks of a professional nature.
  • Autonomy: The arrival of Silicon Apps has led to an unmitigated increase in battery life. The M1 chip already had excellent performance, but the new generation has further improved the data over the previous generation. It is one of the great advantages and that every user looking for a laptop has priorities in their choice.

A decaf MacBook Pro

Despite the important advantages that this MacBook Pro has, it has some limiting aspects that make many users carefully analyze other products in the Apple catalog. Below we discuss the downsides of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

  • A problem called MacBook Air: the launch of the MacBook Air with the M2 chip with a new design and the same chip has made many users choose this new device and not this Pro range. Many potential buyers of this computer may feel that it is a computer outdated and obsolete.
  • Initial setup: the initial configuration of this equipment may be sufficient for a very specific market segment. However, if you are looking for a little more performance, the price increase is more than noticeable, making it even more interesting to purchase the 14-inch MacBook Pro.
  • Lack of ports: Perhaps the most problematic aspect of this equipment is the absence of ports, especially the absence of the MagSafe charger that all the equipment in the Air and Pro range incorporate. Likewise, this equipment does not carry an SD card reader or HDMI, the presence of which is essential of adapters, aspects that many users consider illogical when it comes to a team that starts at over 1,600 euros.

13 inches

Is the MacBook Pro M2 worth it?

If you are a user who prioritizes performance and portability You are in front of your ideal equipment because you can take it anywhere and work without any type of performance drops. However, if you’re looking for improve input specs The most advisable thing is to go to the MacBook Pro of inches with M1 Pro chip that is above in performance of this M2 series.

The weather It will tell if the sales of this equipment continue to rise or little by little it will lose market segment to the detriment of the MacBook Air M2 and the 14-inch MacBook Pro with higher chips. In addition, the rise in price of this equipment will make many users opt for the M1. In short, it is the smallest of the Pro, but a very Pro team.

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