macOS fan tests Windows 11 during Christmas week

I love macOS. I like macOS so much that the first Apple product I held in my hands was a 2017 MacBook Pro. Since then, I have always been working with products from the Californian firm and have never touched Windows again. However, luckily or unfortunately, for work reasons, I had to use Reality Capture, a photogrammetry software that is not available for Mac, so I have no choice but to return to darkness. How has my experience been?


The Windows computer I have tested is a HP Victus series, which is a unit that carries an I7, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050 6 GB. It is a device with quite interesting features and we could classify it as upper mid-range.

After the first hours of familiarization with the operating system, I was able to start working and draw conclusions. One of the first points that I did not like at all is the ecosystem. In this sense, I have an iPhone 15 and when I wanted to pass some reference images to add different 3D models to the scene, it was a little more complex than on macOS. It is true that Android has an application to execute this process, but we have already been forced to use third party applications Although it offered a good result, it did not convince me. Perhaps, I'm too used to the ease of AirDrop.

Window management


One aspect that I did like about Windows is window management and the ways we share and divide the screen. Windows integrates these tools natively, while, on macOS, we need to pull third-party applications like Magnet to customize the screen at a level similar to Microsoft.

Windows has many more tools than Macs in this area and I have to admit that I have felt envy of not having this function on my main computer. I hope Apple adds more features with macOS 15.



In relation to Widgets, there are many things that I don't understand about this operating system. I don't understand why a weather widget appears by default at the bottom left. In addition, when you click on it, widgets for traffic, stocks, news, etc. appear. It is a Widget that marks the time, but shows you information about everything. The truth is that it doesn't make much sense.

On Mac, since macOS 14 Sonoma, the Widgets are managed in a much more customizable and better structured way, which allows you to have greater control over the Home of the desktop.

File Browser

sidebar finder

He File Browser I really liked it, since I find it very intuitive and with a very clean design that makes it easy to search for any file or folders you are looking for. From the first moment, you know how to organize yourself and go to any folder.

On Mac, the file explorer is known as Finder. It is true that Windows 11 is very inspired by this explorer, but there are some things about macOS that are better managed, such as the possibility of being able to eliminate some sections that we know we are not going to use or that Apple hides by default because it is not common to do so. users use.

In conclusion and after having tested the equipment for a week, I can say, without fear of being wrong, that the operating system of Windows has reached great maturity in recent years and it has nothing to envy of Macs, at least in generic use.

The main difference between both systems is the ecosystem and it is where it is worth buying a Mac. If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods, they work much better than if you have a Windows PC or laptop. Therefore, if you don't have an Apple ecosystemyou can seriously consider whether it is worth paying a higher price for a Mac or purchasing a Windows computer with better hardware that improves your workflows.