Monster March Month Of Apple, List Of New Things Coming

The first two months of Apple might have been quiet without any major updates, however, interesting things are on their way in March 2022. As per the latest information, Apple is about to have their spring event on 8th March which is again a Tuesday. This event is the most talked about right now as Apple is going to launch a series of new products and updates on 8th March.

The Rumoured New Products That Will Be Launched in March

This is not just the end as Apple will launch the update of both the OS. As per sources, the past two macOS and iOS have been boring. The new macOS 12.3 has the feature of Universal Control and iOS 15.4 incorporates a lot of refinements and features. Moreover, new TV series and shows are coming on Apple TV for which the fans are very excited. 

The March Spring Event, which is the first big event of Apple in 2022 would launch the iPhone SE, an updated version of iPad Air. 

The new products that are rumored to be launched in March are iPad Air (5th generation), iPhone SE (third generation), MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iMac of 27-inches. The new software updates that are currently in a process of beta-test will be released are macOS 12.3 and iOS 15.4. 

There will be a premiere of new shows and films in the whole month of March at SXSW like ‘The Problem with Jon Stewart’, season 2 of Central Park, season 2 of ‘The Snoopy Show’, WeCrashed, and many more. Furthermore, new games will be released by Apple to Apple Archade which of course are not known till now but it does create some buzz. There are some games that will be released on a fixed date that has already been announced and others are still unknown.