Over the past few weeks we have seen that many leakers already have in mind that watchOS 10 will welcome widgets on the watchOS home screen. These widgets will have a similar functionality to what we currently have in iOS and iPadOS. However, in addition to widgets watchOS 10 seems to be the big surprise operating system at WWDC23. These new ways of displaying information and interacting with the user will usher in a new stage for Apple Watch.

Widgets will be key in the comprehensive redesign of watchOS 10

Hand in hand with Tim Cook and his entire team of engineers and other employees will kick off the first betas for developers who will begin to test and show all the news presented throughout WWDC. watchOS 10 will be released at the WWDC23 opening keynote on June 5 at Apple Park, along with iOS 10 and iPadOS 10, among others.

watchOS 10 concept

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This concept of watchOS 10 revolutionizes the home screen with widgets

The new operating system for Apple Watch will undoubtedly have a comprehensive redesign changing the concept we have today of the Apple device. There are many leaks in recent months indicating the arrival of widgets, folders and a deep interface modification. Now Mark Gurman in his weekly newsletter, Bloomberg Power On, is the one who adds to these leaks boosting that idea of ​​global redesign.

Gurman assures that from Cupertino they are designing new ways to display widgets and information with which to interact in order to make the apps honeycomb that we know from day one. This new widget system will allow the user to scroll vertically with weather information, upcoming events, quick Shortcuts actions and much more. Gurman relates the functioning with the stack of widgets we currently have on iOS, that allows to have several widgets in the same position on the screen.

Apple is also exploring new ways to interact with the Digital Crown. Currently when we click once on the Crown we are taken to the apps honeycomb to open any application by pressing on the icon. However, as Gurman says, this interface works perfectly on the iPhone or iPad where the number of applications is high. But in the case of the Apple Watch it is more important to access more information with as little difficulty as possible.