Matter, the new universal standard for home automation is already a reality and manufacturers and developers can now adapt their products to this new protocol that will eliminate compatibility limitations between platforms.

We’ve been talking about Matter for a long time. At first skeptically, because it was hard to believe that the major brands could agree so that all products will work with all platforms. But little by little the steps taken were convincing us that this would finally become a reality, and today we can stop rubbing our eyes, because it is here ready to be used.

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Matter will mean that all compatible devices can be used with any platform, and we can use Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to control them. We can stop looking at the labels on the device boxes to find out if it is compatible with HomeKit, Alexa or Google Assistant, because by seeing the Matter label we will already know that we can use it with any of them. We will only need a central compatible with Matter, in the case of HomeKit an Apple TV 4K (2021) or a HomePod mini. Alexa and Google will update their devices to make them central.

What happens from now on? Manufacturers and developers already have the tools available to make new compatible devices and to be able to update existing ones to be compatible. On the part of Apple in iOS 16.1 there are already signs of compatibility with Matterso the wait will not be long to see the first compatible accessories and finally begin to enjoy universal home automation.