Maximum protection for your iPhone 14 with Otterbox

When we think of protecting our iPhone, a brand that always comes to mind is Otterbox, a leading manufacturer in the market with years of experience in this category. Today we tested their best cases and screen protector for the new iPhone 14.

Otterbox offers us a huge variety of protective cases for our iPhone, all of them with protection as the maximum characteristic, although in different degrees to be able to choose between different designs and thicknesses. Today we analyze a group of covers that they meet at least three times the requirements of the military protection certification, a standard widely used by manufacturers of covers. We also tested their best iPhone 14 Pro Max screen protector, showing you how to put it on and the end result.

Otter + Pop Symmetry

Otterbox has been offering cases with the integrated PopSocket system for several generations of iPhone. This case is a Symmetry of all life, with its characteristic protection (3x military certification) and with the grip system so characteristic and popular among many iPhone users. When we do not use it, it is perfectly assimilated by the cover, leaving a completely flat surface that is compatible with any Qi wireless charging systemalthough obviously it does not have a MagSafe system.

Otter + Pop Cover

In the case we can differentiate between two different types of material, a more rigid one that covers the entire back part, and a softer one that is responsible for giving good grip and cushioning falls. Button press remains at a good level, without being too stiff, and ridges around the camera module hole and the entire frame on the front allow iPhone to sit on any surface without fear of scratches. The PopSocket is easy to remove and allows you to grip the iPhone very securely. It’s not something that I personally love, but seeing how popular these grips are, I have to admit that it’s a good idea to integrate it into the case. As is adding antimicrobial features to the cover, interesting given that the cover is always in our hands.

Otterbox Commute

It is one of my favorite Otterbox cases, for aesthetics and for features. Made up of two perfectly differentiated pieces, one rigid and the other flexible, this case has a very sporty design and is perfect for this type of activity, as it It offers great protection against falls (3x military certification) and excellent grip.. The protection for our iPhone is 360º, with the camera very well protected and both the speaker and the microphone are perfectly protected, even more so the Lightning connector that has a cover to prevent dust and other dirt from entering.

The cover is made with at least 35% recycled plastic, a detail to keep in mind, and it also has antibacterial properties, like the previous model. It is fully compatible with any wireless charging base, although it does not have a MagSafe system, the only one that can be put on a fantastic case. It’s available in a variety of colors, all with the same two-tone design that looks really good on our iPhone.

Otterbox Strada

Wanting to protect your iPhone doesn’t have to be at odds with enjoying the nice touch of the skin, and Otterbox knows that very well. Your Strada case has the classic wallet case design, made of genuine leather and with the possibility of accommodating up to two credit cards in the cover. In the absence of magnets so that the front cover always stays closed (Apple dispensed with that a long time ago, inexplicably for me), it has a magnetic flap closure that will prevent it from opening inside the bag or backpack.

Otterbox Wallet Case for iPhone

But since we are talking about covers to protect your iPhone, if this Strada is included in this selection it is because it offers us the protection guarantees that certify that it can withstand up to 3 times the military certification, just like the previous ones. The rubber frame of the case also offers excellent grip., and the buttons can be easily pressed even with the lid closed. Mind you, you won’t have access to the mute switch if you don’t open it. The microfiber interior of the front cover will protect your screen and prevent cards from damaging it. It is not compatible with MagSafe but it is with wireless charging.

Otterbox Symmetry+

It is one of the most popular Otterbox cases, because it perfectly combines the usual protection with a much more stylized, minimalist and elegant design. Available in various colors and patterns, including clear, floral and multi-color, it is compatible with the MagSafe system, so in addition to being able to use any wireless charger, you can also use any MagSafe accessorysuch as power banks or car mounts. The grip of the magnetic system is excellent, so no matter which accessory you use, you won’t run the risk of it falling.

It is a case that perfectly combines rigid materials such as polycarbonate and other softer ones to offer a case that offers a high degree of protection (3x military certification), an exceptional grip and a great user experience by not weighing down your iPhone too much. Slab buttons are very soft, and the hole for the mute switch is perfectly accessible. Although the Lightning connector on this case does not have a cover, it is protected as is the speaker and microphone on the base of the phone. If you are looking for a very balanced cover in terms of protection and design, this is the model you need.

Otterbox Defender XT

We leave the quintessential protective case for last: Otterbox Defender XT. It is a real “tank” that will protect your iPhone against any aggression. Its two-piece design allows it to be placed and removed easily, with a small frame that can be removed to insert your iPhone without problems, and that we must then carefully place so that the two pieces are perfectly assembled. The procedure will hardly take you a minute and in return you will get total peace of mind that your iPhone will be practically invulnerable.

It features a cover for the Lightning connector, raised edges on the camera cutout and front bezel to protect screen and camera, and a great grip. Despite what it may seem, it is not an excessively thick case, and the buttons are easy to press, as well as access to the mute switch is simple. Nothing interferes with the sound that is emitted by the speakers, nor the capture of your voice by the microphone, and has compatibility with wireless chargers and also with the MagSafe system. It is also compatible with any screen protector despite the front frame of the case. And all this with a protection that few can offer: up to 5 times the military certification. There is no type of protection against water despite its appearance.

Otterbox Amplify GLASS

In addition to protecting our iPhone from the sides and back, it is also important to protect it from the front. It is one of the most delicate areas, one of the most expensive to repair and one of the most exposed to damage. Otterbox is so confident that its screen protector works that it covers you up to $150 for the repair of your iPhone if its screen breaks within the first year of wearing the protector. In addition, it does not affect the visibility of the screen or its brightness at all, it hardly adds reflections and does not interfere with Face ID or the front camera. Lastly, it has antimicrobial properties.

Screen protector

You can see in the image how the protector leaves enough space to the edge of the screen so that be compatible with any case, at least any Otterbox case, and with the rest of the covers that I have at home and that I have tried without the slightest problem. It has a very easy-to-use installation kit (you can see it in the video) and the end result is excellent. You will not need to go to any specialist to place it, it is very simple by following the steps that I indicate in the video and that you also have in the protector box.

Editor’s opinion

Otterbox offers us a wide range of cases, all of them with a high degree of protection, with different designs and features, and with the quality of materials that a device like the iPhone deserves. In combination with the screen protector of the same brand, you will have your iPhone perfectly protected at all times. They are available in various colors, and there are models for all iPhones available. You can buy them on Amazon from these links:

Otter Box Cases
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  • Multiple models, colors and designs
  • great protection
  • quality materials
  • Screen protector with easy installation


  • Not all cases have MagSafe