MediaMarkt busts the price of the Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch is the best-selling smartwatch in the world due to its design, features and its sensors focused on improving the health and life of people, in addition, it is also the iPhone’s best friend due to its synchronization capacity, forming a almost perfect symbiosis. Many users, once they try the Apple Watch, cannot live without it and for this reason, today we bring an incredible offer from mediamarkt. So, keep reading because the latest Apple Watch is back offer.

A huge discount

The price of the Apple Watch exceeds 500 euros, a prohibitive price for most users who cannot renew the iPhone and the Watch at the same time. In addition, it joins the feeling that Apple does not make offers or promotions of this product during the year, since he considers that its price remains stable in the market due to the added value that this device supposes in our wrist. However, today we are in luck, because Medimarkt, with their Apple Days, has released one of the most interesting promotions on the market. Stick around for more details.

The Apple Watch series 8 is priced in the market for 41 mm for 499 euros and 539 euros for its 45 mm version in the Apple Store, however, thanks to Mediamarkt Apple Days, they have a discount, a very interesting discount, which will make you not think twice before getting The best smart watch on the market.

  • Apple Watch series 8, aluminum case and ion-x glass front, white star sport band, 41mm It has an official price of 499 euros. Final price: 469 euros.
  • Apple Watch series 8, aluminum case, ion-X glass front, midnight sport band, 44mm It has an official price of 539 euros, at a price of 515 euros.


It is also important to highlight the unique protection plans offered by Medimarkt, which is called “Select what you need”which indicates the withdrawal of the old article free of charge and the protector anticrash + its installationto protect the device against bumps or scratches.

Is the Apple Watch Series 8 worth it?

The answer depends on how you use the new functions and sensors which includes the device. If you want to delve into the parameters that the sports app offers you, as well as new sensors such as the menstrual cycle, the leap that has been made in the analysis of our pulsations, as well as the activation of the emergency sensor in case of accidents, the series 8 is a magnificent device for you that you are going to enjoy a lot.


Otherwise, if you have the 7 series, the battery is not very degraded and you consider that you are not extracting its full potential, the seventh generation could be the most recommended option for you with the official price of the brand. However, with this such an interesting offer, the situation changes completely, making the series 8 the best complement for your iPhone that you can have today.

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