MediaMarkt sells off the most desired iPhone accessory of 2024 at 70%

If you have an iPhone 12 mini, take advantage of the discounts on accessories It is almost an obligation. With the passing of generations and the launch of new models, Apple usually brutally reduces the cases and chargers of its older phones. This has happened with this leather Magsafe case that you should not miss.

Compatible with iPhone 12 mini

This case is made with high quality leather so that not only is it a luxurious design, but it is also soft to the touch. Furthermore, over time, the cover evolves to a different color and an almost smooth feel. It is one of the virtues of using leather in this type of accessories that never goes out of style.

It is designed specifically for the iPhone 12 mini, so it adapts perfectly to the curves of the mobile. This way it completely protects against any fall or scratch. And, although it protects perfectly, it's fine so as not to add more volume than necessary.

So if you are one of those who uses your phone while charging, this accessory is perfect for you. The cover is very complete. Inside there is a very practical pocket that can be used to save cards credit card or DNI. In addition, it has a matching strap so you can hang it from your hand or hook it inside your bag to always have it located.

There is no doubt that the case is designed to be compatible with Apple's MagSafe technology. So you'll be able to easily attach your MagSafe charger to your iPhone while it's in the case. It does not interfere with anything fast wireless charging and you won't have to remove the case for it to charge either. The good thing is that it doesn't overheat or pose a danger either.

As it is made of natural leather, it is possible that marks or is easily molded over time. However, this is also a plus point to save it. In addition, when you put an iPhone accessory inside, it is possible that the bitten apple mark will also remain imprinted due to continuous use.

It has never been so cheap

It seems like a dream to see this highly desired case at 70% off. It cost almost 130 euros, but now it can be yours for only 38.10 euros. The savings are incredible, although you should keep in mind that it is only available in brown. The rest of the colors are sold out or have a price of 120 euros.

magsafe iphone 12 mini case

Take advantage of the last units at MediaMarkt to buy this case at a bargain price. Although it does not have free home delivery, you can choose to pick it up at your nearest store. You already know that the outlet products are practically sold out, so you shouldn't miss the opportunity if you liked it so much.