MediaMarkt sells off the most desired iPhone accessory of 2024 at a bargain price

The wireless charging It has become essential in the lives of many of us. The convenience of not having to use a cable on our phone is priceless sometimes. Although knowing that Apple seeks exclusivity, this is another of the accessories most desired by its users. A universal or white label one does not work, there is none like the original.

In this sense, MagSafe He is a sales leader. Therefore, finding offers like these is almost a miracle that you should not miss. Take advantage of your mobile phone cases with this type of charger and forget about cables forever.

Compatible with fast charging

Apple's MagSafe wireless charger is a quick option to charge your mobile, from iPhone 8 to iPhone 15 Pro. There will be no phone left without being able to use it, so you can pay for it if you have different models or generations at home. Thanks to the aligned magnets, the charger sticks to the back and charges wirelessly. It supports fast charging up to 15W, so it won't take you long to fill it up to 100%.

However, although MagSafe is designed specifically for iPhones, it is still compatible with the technology Qi. That is, you can also use it to charge other devices, such as AirPods models with a wireless charging case.

This Magsafe charger is advisable to be used with a 20W USB-C power adapter for maximum charging speed. The adapter is sold separately and is not included in the box, but if you have a compatible one at home, it will be perfect. Additionally, the USB cable measures one meter long so that you have enough distance when connecting it.

This wireless charger comes with a magnetic fit so that it perfectly joins the iPhone 12, 13, 14 and 15 models. In addition, its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use anywhere. So it's perfect to put on your nightstand, office desk, or in a hotel room. It is much more convenient than plugging the cable into the phone port.

Take advantage of the 16% discount

Now is the best time to buy one of the chargers most desired by Apple users. With the 16% discount, its price remains only 40.99 euros. It is a discreet discount, but interesting, especially because it is rare to find offers on this brand's devices.

apple magsafe

Fortunately, MediaMarkt has fast shipping in less than 24 hours so that it arrives at your home sooner than you expect. You can also choose to pick it up at your nearest store, in case you don't want to pay shipping costs. Don't wait for it to run out or the price to go up.