MediaMarkt subtracts VAT from this MacBook Air and leaves it at an irresistible price

If you are looking for an Apple laptop that is affordable, but with which you will not compromise on power and quality, the MacBook Air is an ideal candidate. In this article we are going to introduce you to the offer of a model that is currently at a super special price through the official MediaMarkt website. Do you want to know all the details of this discount? In this article we are going to give them to you.

This product, and many others, will be with special discounts through the official MediaMarkt website, thanks to the Tecno Lovers sales. Valentine's Day is about to fall, and until next February 8 at 9 in the morningyou will have the opportunity to get hundreds of much more affordable products and accessories.

Among everything that is discounted right now, in this article we bring you the case of a MacBook Air, which is discounted the same as VAT in Spain. And we already told you that Its price remains below 1,000 euros. Do you want to know which models you will be able to find on sale? Below we are going to introduce them to you.

These MacBook Airs are going to cost you much less on the MediaMarkt website

The specifications that this equipment has, and that will be on sale until next February 8 at 9 in the morning on the MediaMarkt website, are the following:

  • Apple Silicon M1 processor
  • 13.3-inch Retina display
  • 8GB of unified memory (RAM)
  • 256GB of internal SSD storage space
  • Thunderbolt/USB-C charging system
  • Touch ID biometric identification system integrated into the keyboard
  • macOS Sonoma operating system support

As for the colors that are available on sale, the three shades are at the same price. so whether you like the Space Gray color, the Silver color, or the Gold color, they will cost you less money. And how much money are we talking about? The usual price for this range of configurations in the Apple Store is 1,219 euros.

However, now and until next February 8, They are going to have a 21% discount, which causes their final price to plummet to 959 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct saving of 260 euros. Do you want to take advantage of these discounts? Below we are going to leave you the direct links that will take you to each of the models:

macbook air m1 ports

In addition to the price reduction that we are going to find at MediaMarkt, buying this MacBook Air has advantages in addition to the offer. Do we want to hire additional protection against any type of breakage or liquid damage? For 3 years, and for a single payment of 149.99 euros, we will have it activated. Do we want antivirus software to protect us from malicious attacks? We can also acquire it. All this, from the same purchase page.