Meet the second application store that will come to the iPhone!

One of the new features that will arrive with the iOS 17.4 update are third-party software stores for the iPhone. All Apple phones that are sold and used in European territory will receive, for the first time, application stores that are outside the Apple ecosystem, in order to comply with the new Digital Markets Law. A few days ago we told you that the first store had already launched. Now, there is another one that joins the bandwagon, and we will tell you about it in this article.

March 6 is marked on the calendar as the deadline for Apple to comply with the changes demanded by Europe, if they want to continue operating regularly within this market. iOS 17.4 will be the version of the operating system that will allow these changes to comply with the new regulations. One of the most notable points is that we are going to have third-party app stores.

The first store that was officially confirmed was Setapp. This works under a subscription model in which, through a rate that we will be paying month by month, it will allow us to access an interesting catalog of applications focused on productivity, lifestyle, finances, games, etc. Now, however, it is known which will be the second software store that will complement Setapp.

The mobivention store arrives on European iPhones

The German company mobivention has announced that it will launch its application store for iPhones in Europe “as soon as the regulation comes into force.” This is a slightly different approach than Setapp. While the first store that was announced already has content accessible through subscriptions, mobivention is a store that encourages developers to publish.

“The mobivention application market is aimed primarily at corporate clients looking for an alternative solution to distribute their applications,” they explain in the statement.

Apple and mobivention have worked together

Although it is an application store that is outside the Apple ecosystem, in the same press release, the company announces that to launch the store on iPhone, they have been working together with Apple.

«Mobivention App Marketplace is the result of close collaboration with Apple. The mobivention team developed App Marketplace together with Apple in a coding lab at Apple's European headquarters in Cork, Ireland«, they explain.

app store logo

The work that has been carried out behind the scenes also has an impact on what they will encounter with developers who want to publish applications on mobivention. “Corporate customers only need an Apple developer account and an app uploaded to Apple's App Store Connect to use the mobivention app store.”

In addition, the publication of applications is not the only phase on which mobivention's work will focus: “the entire process is supported, from providing additional metadata, to publishing and reviewing the applications according to the criteria specified by Apple” .