Mythic Quest, the series that bases its argument on the adventures of a company in charge of creating a multiplayer video game development, is having such success on Apple TV+ that it has been decided that it is a good time to start the procedures so that the one that can be produced It will be the spin-off of the series. It will be called Mere Mortals and promises that it will be at least as funny as the series is being. Critically and publicly acclaimed, Mere Mortals is sure to be just as successful.

Right now, if we take a look at the existing series and/or movies on Apple TV+, we can see that quality prevails over quantity. A premise that Apple has always wanted to make clear. He prefers little but very good than a lot and not end up choosing nothing. Bearing this maxim in mind, series like the one we are dealing with right now, Mythic Quest, which is already in its third season and a fourth has already been secured, it’s a sure win.

For this reason, Apple wants to go one step further and has decided that it is time to present and begin production of what will be the story of each of the characters. What has been a spin-off that will serve as an expansion of this universe. It will be called Mere Mortals and it is written by Mythic Quest stars Ashly Burch, John Howell Harris, and Katie McElhenney. Rob McElhenney is one of the executive producers of a show that will be produced by Lionsgate, 3 Arts Entertainment and the Ubisoft gaming team.

Not much else is known at the moment. It is not known when the filming will begin, nor, of course, the moment of its premiere. But what we can assure is that it will be a success as the series is being. We will only have to wait and learn more details.