MicroLED Displays Will Be Custom Made By Apple In 2024

One of today’s most promising display technologies is the microLED display. Although it boasts improved battery economy, higher brightness output, and—most importantly—pixels that won’t deteriorate over time—it offers the advantages of OLED, including deep blacks and superb contrast. Although microLED displays are currently uncommon outside of select high-end Samsung and LG TVs, a recent Bloomberg story claims Apple is considering designing its unique microLED screens to use first in its Apple Watch and then on its iPhone and other devices.

Although Apple won’t be producing these displays, it will continue to rely on companies like Samsung and LG for the actual panels; nevertheless, the designs will be specially created to meet Apple’s exact requirements.

Apple Wants To Have MicroLED Displays Starting 2024

Similar to what Apple accomplished with its mobile and desktop chipsets, where it relies on TSMC to build the chips but handles the design process in-house, this move would involve the use of a third party for manufacturing. The Apple Watch Ultra is expected to switch to microLED in 2024 according to recent reports, but a new Bloomberg story claims the transition might be delayed until 2025. According to those with knowledge of the situation, the company plans to start by replacing the display in the most expensive Apple Watches before the end of next year.

Apple intends to eventually add the MicroLED Displays to other products, including the iPhone, and they replace the current OLED (organic light-emitting diode) standard with a microLED one. The adjustments are a part of a larger initiative to switch from third-party to domestically produced parts, which will offer Apple more control over the appearance and functionality of its devices. In favor of its designs, the tech giant has stopped using Intel Corp. CPUs in its Mac computers and intends to do the same with the iPhones’ primary wireless components.