Surely if you frequently use the different Internet services you will have accumulated many different passwords. In fact, with the pandemic virtual transactions rose. For each of them a password is needed and it is necessary to remember them all. For that, there are programs that store them and remember them for us. However, it does not hurt, on top of that, to have a program that increases that security in the logins. That’s where Microsoft Authenticator comes in. whose Apple Watch app will disappear next month.

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is something that should sound familiar to you. More than that, you should use it in your day to day. Raising the security of your logins is almost an obligation right now. The double factor what it does is make sure that the person who logs in is the owner of the account in question. You enter username and password details that may have been stolen somehow, but instead of logging in, the Authenticator program asks you to enter a random password that changes every few seconds. A key that you can find through an App. Now yes, it is the owner who is entering, unless your mobile phone has been stolen or they have access to that specific 2FA application.

The fact is that Google has one, I would say the most used, but Microsoft also has its own. Both have a specific app for the Apple Watch, but one of them will disappear next month. Microsoft’s days are numbered. In January 2023 you will no longer be able to use it through the clock. Microsoft suggests that anyone who has the watchOS app installed remove it, as it won’t work sometime in January. Which is the reason?. Well, according to the company, watchOS is incompatible with some security parameters of the Microsoft App. We will have to use the iPhone or iPad because these devices are not affected by the change.