Microsoft Deletes Tweet Featuring An M1 iMac

Microsoft Windows took down a message from its official Twitter account that featured an image of an Apple M1 iMac. One of Windows’ execs, Carmen Zlateff, who is currently the Partner Director of PM for Windows 11 User Experience, gave PC cleaning suggestions on the company’s official Twitter account.

“Tips for cleaning and using your device in a safe and efficient manner,” according to the tweet, which has since been removed. And it comes from none other than Microsoft’s executive.

Although the tweet’s content was uncontroversial, the image linked to it caught several people off guard.

Instead of a graphic of a Windows PC, the software company’s official Twitter account displayed a picture of an M1 iMac, one of Apple’s machines.

Microsoft Executive Shared The Image Of The iMac

It was a green iMac that came with Apple peripherals including the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard, both of which were green as well.

According to 9to5Mac, the accident was made more intriguing by the fact that the official Twitter account of Windows posted an iMac with an M1 chip.

It would not have been an issue if the iMac in the photo was an earlier Intel model, according to the news site. It comes with the ability to run Windows via its built-in program, Boot Camp. However, unlike their predecessors, M1 Macs are infamous for their inability to install and run Windows natively.

Furthermore, Microsoft also sells its computer hardware under the Surface brand, which includes the Surface Pro, Surface Studio, and also, Surface Laptop.

Despite this, Windows instead tweeted an image of an iMac. As a result, some on Twitter have noticed the M1 iMac in a message from Windows’ official Twitter acc.