Last September, Microsoft announced the discontinuation and removal of its third-party keyboard from the App Store. This meant that no user was going to be able to have SwiftKey as the primary keyboard on your iPhone or iPad. However, users who already had the app downloaded would be able to continue enjoying it. But apparently everything has changed at Microsoft. Without any prior notice or justification, Microsoft SwiftKey is once again available on the App Store and in fact big news on the keyboard is expected soon.

Microsoft SwiftKey returns to the App Store

iOS and iPadOS have a very powerful native keyboard that has improved substantially in recent years. However, today there are still millions of users who prefer to use a third-party keyboard fully installable directly from the App Store. Some of them are Gboard or Microsoft SwiftKey, which we talk about throughout this article.


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Microsoft Swift Key is Microsoft’s smart virtual keyboard available for both Android and iOS. In September of this same year, the cessation of keyboard activity within the App Store was announced and, therefore, the removal of the app for future users. However, users who already had the app installed would still be running. SwiftKey is a good keyboard because learns from the user, from the writing mode and offers words as you type. Millions of users continue to use it even though the iOS keyboard has improved substantially in recent years.

But everything seems to have changed and Microsoft SwiftKey is back to the App Store. They did not specify reasons why they wanted to leave iOS and iPadOS. In fact, they announce through a tweet that great things are coming to SwiftKey and that we remain attentive to future developments of the application. So if you are one of the regular users of this third-party keyboard and you thought that you were not going to be able to have more updates, you are in luck because it seems that SwiftKey is still alive and kicking.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard (AppStore Link)